Web3 Game "Turkey Tycoon": A Blockchain Game for the Masses

Published June 18, 2024

Hong Kong, China, June 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hop on a spaceship and land on Mars. Build and develop Mars with numerous players globally, creating a new Martian home for all humanity. This vision belongs to the "Turkey Tycoon" Web3 game team.

Hop on a spaceship and land on Mars. Build and develop Mars with numerous players globally, creating a new Martian home for all humanity. This vision belongs to both SpaceX's Elon Musk and the "Turkey Tycoon" Web3 game team.

"Turkey Tycoon" is set against the backdrop of the distant space-dwelling Turkey species migrating to Mars to rebuild their home, simulating the process of humanity landing on Mars and rebuilding their homeland. Players start as ordinary civilians and can leap to becoming business tycoons through various strategies such as buying land on Mars, constructing properties, and mortgaging assets. Players can experience the thrill of going from nobody to magnate through their own talents and earn valuable cryptocurrencies through continuous upgrades.

Different from traditional blockchain games, "Turkey Tycoon" not only possesses the basic fun and entertaining characteristics of a hit game but also aligns its blockchain-based operations more closely with the experience of traditional Web2 games. Besides being entertaining and engaging, the game incorporates various excellent designs like SocialFi, GameFi, Play to Earn, and Metaverse.

The foundation of a game's success is its ability to maintain a large user base. If the traditional method of login using cryptocurrency wallet mnemonics and private keys is maintained, it will inevitably exclude most global users. Traditional wallets are complex to use, which consumes most of the player's energy. "Turkey Tycoon" employs an advanced Web3 wallet, which generates a unique and secure cryptocurrency wallet address upon user authorization on X (Twitter). This method, implemented through OAuth authorization mechanisms, allows applications to log in without acquiring your password, ensuring the security of your X account and providing players with a smooth gaming experience similar to traditional internet games.

From its inception, "Turkey Tycoon" was positioned as a blockchain game for the general public, meaning it's a game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from young adults to the elderly, regardless of their blockchain knowledge. This is due not just to its innovative login method and gameplay but also to its token model design.

As a blockchain game, its token design is crucial for its ability to grow and last. "Turkey Tycoon" borrows from the design concepts of inscriptions, runes, MEMEs, etc., making token distribution more fair and just, allowing anyone a fair chance at obtaining its tokens.

The token of "Turkey Tycoon" is designated TMARS, featuring a unique fair minting strategy in its output design. This strategy allows more ordinary users to participate in token minting, technically limiting major holders from controlling token output through substantial funds. Whether you are an ordinary player or a blockchain magnate, regardless of how much capital you hold, the amount of TMARS you produce is fair. This significantly encourages broader user participation, preventing monopolization by major holders and solidifying the user base. This means "Turkey Tycoon" will have a larger user base than traditional blockchain games from the start.

The team behind "Turkey Tycoon" are fans of Elon Musk, consisting of professionals with extensive experience in blockchain technology and game development. With decades of experience in gaming and blockchain technology, the team has achieved much in both industries. Besides the fair design in token output, "Turkey Tycoon's" economic model ensures the long-term value and sustainable growth of tokens within the game. In the game, tokens will be used for various purposes such as purchasing virtual properties, participating in game activities, and upgrading buildings. As the number of game users and the variety of in-game activities increase, the demand for tokens will continue to grow. This intrinsic demand will drive the value of tokens up, leaving ample room for future growth.

"Turkey Tycoon" began its design in early 2023 and has already started preliminary promotions. Players can enter the "Turkey Tycoon" game to obtain airdrops and various generous rewards through promotion and sign-ups. Notably, Friend.tech users can also receive rich airdrops by participating in "Turkey Tycoon." As a project filled with innovation and potential, we look forward to "Turkey Tycoon" bringing a new wave of prosperity to the entire blockchain industry.


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