One4kids Set to Revolutionize the Kids Platform by Launching $KIDS Token.

Published May 21, 2024

One4kids, an established ethical and morally based educational media company for young children, is introducing the $KIDS Token, which aims to tokenize kids' platforms.

Sydney, Australia, May 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the dynamic world we live in, One4kids has launched the $KIDS Token, a bridge between ethical media and blockchain technology. The company's vision is to invest in the future of children and make a global difference by promoting messages of tolerance, respect, and goodwill. The company's innovative approach to tokenizing kids' platforms creates halal entertainment for kids, reaching audiences worldwide. 

In addition, with unwavering dedication, the company makes a cultural impact by creating a lasting memory for Muslim children worldwide. It also teaches children in their show that hard work is essential to build something unique. With the latest innovations, the company strives to create more jobs for the Muslim world. 

$KIDS token is used to purchase merchandise from the store and subscriptions. With crypto tokenization, the company facilitates Muslims through humanitarian projects and helps the poor and deprived children in the world. The company intends to become a leading entertainment platform for kids, utilizing the latest technology as it develops. 

Moreover, One4kids is deeply committed to nurturing and growing children to ensure they evolve into intelligent, respectful, and honest individuals who contribute to a better world. This commitment is reflected in our films, stage shows, school participation, products, and events designed to instill ethical values in children.

Furthermore, the company has produced over 30 animated films, hundreds of educational animated videos, and over 40 songs, many of which have been translated into Arabic and Indonesian, with other languages to follow throughout 2024. One4kids achieves nearly 1.5 million YouTube subscribers + over 1 billion views, 450K likes on Facebook and Instagram, and much more.

About One4kids:
One4kids, a pioneering ethical and morally based educational media company for young children in Sydney, Australia, began in 2006. Their main productions with Zaky & Friends were produced to fill a void for quality educational entertainment for Muslim children in mainstream entertainment. The company started from a simple idea and has now reached audiences throughout Australia and around the world from Southeast Asia, the USA, Europe, South Africa, and Nigeria to countries in the Middle East with limited marketing budgets.

One4kids Founder - Subi Alshaik:
Sydney film producer Subi Alshaik is a former musician who has dedicated the past 24 years to making a difference in the lives of young children. Mr. Alshaik script writes, directs, voices characters and produces all material with the help of a small team of dedicated employees. As a parent, Mr. Alshaik found a lack of entertainment for children that teach good ethical values at a young age. This was Mr Alshaik's motivation, and thus, the creation of Zaky & Friends began. One4Kids is there to help children grow through educational entertainment and positive role models, such as Zaky.

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