MegaMemeChain Announces Launch on Solana Chain with FairLaunch on PinkSale

Published April 4, 2024

Ottawa, CA , April 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MegaMemeChain, the revolutionary blockchain platform tailored for meme enthusiasts, is thrilled to announce its upcoming launch on the Solana chain. The highly anticipated fair launch event will commence on Monday, April 8th, at 2:00 PM UTC, exclusively on PinkSale, and will run until Thursday, April 11th, at 6:00 PM UTC.

MegaMemeChain is not just another meme platform; it's a game-changer in the meme culture landscape, offering unparalleled safety features and investor protection. To ensure the utmost security for our community, MegaMemeChain introduces five badges: KYC, Doxxed, Audit, SAFU, and AMA tags. These badges signify our commitment to transparency, accountability, and the safety of our investors' funds.

Incubated by, a renowned name in the blockchain industry, MegaMemeChain benefits from the expertise and support of a trusted partner., verified by PinkSale, SolidProof, and CryptoChina, has a proven track record of incubating and assisting over 100 projects in marketing and development. MegaMemeChain is's dream project and first incubated venture, reflecting their dedication to bringing innovative ideas to life.

"We are excited to launch MegaMemeChain on the Solana chain and introduce a new era of meme-sharing and investment opportunities," said [Megamemechain Queen], Founder and CEO of MegaMemeChain. "With the support of and our esteemed partners, we are confident that MegaMemeChain will revolutionize the meme culture landscape and provide a safe and engaging platform for meme enthusiasts worldwide."

In addition to the PinkSale fair launch, MegaMemeChain is pleased to announce upcoming listings on major centralized exchanges (CEX), including LBank, BitMart, XT,, and several others. These listings will further enhance the accessibility and liquidity of MegaMemeChain's native token, ensuring a seamless trading experience for investors.

Join us on the journey to redefine meme culture and experience the future of meme-sharing on MegaMemeChain. For more information and updates, visit, and follow us on

About MegaMemeChain:
MegaMemeChain is a layer 2 blockchain platform built specifically for meme enthusiasts, creators, and investors. With its unique safety features, transparent ecosystem, and innovative approach to meme-sharing, MegaMemeChain aims to revolutionize the way memes are created, shared, and monetized in the digital age.

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