Lauren Services awarded engineering contract for Ekona Power Inc. First Clean Hydrogen Production Plant in Alberta

Published May 21, 2024

Western Canadian engineering firm continues to expand transitional energy portfolio

Calgary, AB, May 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lauren Services is thrilled to announce it has been awarded the detailed engineering and design contract to help Ekona Power Inc bring to life the first industrial deployment of its proprietary solution for clean hydrogen production. Ekona will develop a one-tonne-per-day clean hydrogen plant at investor partner ARC Resources’ Gold Creek Natural Gas Plant in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Lauren Services will provide detailed engineering and design services, including procurement support, constructability review and potential construction management.  

Ekona Gold Creek is a first-of-a-kind clean hydrogen production solution with technology to reduce the carbon intensity of the Natural Gas Plant. Ekona Gold Creek will be built in 2024, commissioned and tested in 2025, and operated for commercial evaluation in 2026 and beyond. At the core of Ekona’s solution is the xCaliber™ reactor, which uses pulsed combustion and high-speed gas dynamics to convert natural gas into hydrogen and solid carbon. Ekona’s clean hydrogen production plants operate without the need for water, renewable electricity, or CO2-sequestration infrastructure to mitigate emissions, and can be deployed wherever natural gas infrastructure exists.

“Lauren Services is proud to partner in this historical project that firmly positions Canada as a world leader in clean hydrogen technology,” says Dustin Edgren, vice-president of operations at Lauren Services. “Our experienced engineering and design teams are excited to help bring Ekona’s world-class solutions to market for the benefit of the environment and our industry.

“Our made-in-Canada technology offers a viable and ready-now solution for using hydrocarbons in cleaner, better ways,” says a member of Ekona’s Field Deployment Group. “With Lauren Services we have found a partner with a demonstrated track record that aligns with our high-performance culture and spirit of innovation.” 

Lauren Services continues to grow its portfolio of innovative projects across transitional energy, encompassing a variety of energy sources and technologies that aim to reduce carbon emissions while providing reliable and affordable made-in-Canada energy to meet growing global demand. Bob Prasad, Lauren Services vice-president of business development, says recent project success affirms the company’s place as a growing player in the western Canadian energy sector.

“Our mission is to be the first call and trusted provider of innovative and dynamic project solutions,” says Prasad. “Our rapidly expanding roster of clients and complex projects is a testament to our unique abilities, and we are well positioned to support growth in 2024 and beyond.”  


About Lauren Services

Lauren Services is a full-suite engineering and project execution service provider that has roots back to a small consultancy partnership in Calgary in 1979. Today, from offices in Vancouver, Calgary, and Kelowna, our dedicated team delivers dynamic performance and intelligent design across the entire suite of engineering and project services to an incredibly diverse client base. We’re proud to be a preferred place of employment for some of the best and brightest professionals in the industry. We built our reputation by developing a team that combines technical expertise with personal integrity – where talent meets character. We believe our work is helping to move the world forward, one idea, one design, one solution at a time. Lauren Services is proudly 100% Canadian-owned. Visit us at

About Ekona Power Inc.

Ekona™ is developing a breakthrough decarbonization technology for economic, industrial-scale clean hydrogen production, deployable wherever there’s natural gas infrastructure. Ekona’s team has a proven track record taking clean technologies from early-stage development to commercialization, and a deep desire to solve hard-tech, high-impact challenges. Ekona is using an established process – methane pyrolysis – in a ground-breaking new way to create a low-cost clean hydrogen production pathway to meet growing global demand for hydrogen, decarbonized natural gas, and greenhouse gas reductions at the scale and timing necessary to combat climate change. Learn more at


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