CryptoCopy Set to Launch in April, Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Trading Across Crypto Exchanges

Published April 2, 2024

CryptoCopy has emerged as a leading project expected to launch this April, promising revolutionary changes in cryptocurrency trading.

Mahe, Seychelles, April 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CryptoCopy is introducing a groundbreaking service that allows cryptocurrency traders to seamlessly copy trades from one exchange to another in real time. Slated for launch this April, the service is poised to revolutionize cryptocurrency trading by enabling simultaneous trading on multiple exchanges.

CryptoCopy's platform supports an extensive network of over 800 trade copying routes, catering to all major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, OKX, Bybit, Gate, HTX, BingX, Bitget, and more. This unparalleled accessibility ensures traders can leverage the best market conditions across different platforms.

The service's innovative approach allows for intra-exchange (internal) copying, including futures to spot account trades within one exchange and cross-exchange copying strategies across multiple exchanges. An illustrative example of the cross-exchange trade copying feature is the ability of CryptoCopy users to copy their trades from a Binance account to any other supported exchange. Users can tailor their trade copying routes to fit specific trading needs, ensuring a personalized trading experience that maximizes potential returns.

Addressing common industry risks such as exchange hacks, regulatory changes, and fraudulent activities, CryptoCopy aims to mitigate these concerns by distributing trading activities across various platforms. This strategy not only diversifies risk but also enhances the trading experience by consolidating operations into a single, efficient workflow.

Users can learn how the service works and review all copy routes on the Cryptocopy YouTube channel.

Key Benefits for Traders, trading on just one account:

- Traders can copy personal trading strategies or trades from algorithms and signal services to any number of their trading accounts across 24+ exchanges (over 800 total copy routes from account to account); 
- Attract investors for copy-trading on all exchanges simultaneously without having to manage each account individually;
- Work via MT4 and use MQL algorithms;
- Protect themselves from poor execution of orders on the part of exchanges;
- And much more.
Vladimir Kondrashov, CEO CryptoCopy

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