VUGA Media Group Debuts Publishing Arm with First Book Release

Published December 20, 2023

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Today marks a pivotal moment for VUGA Media Group, the brainchild of Victoria Unikel and Gene Avakyan, as they unveil their latest venture, VUGA Publishing. Stepping into the publishing arena, the company heralds a new era in its evolution.

The debut publication, "Law Firm Marketing Bible," has hit the virtual shelves on Amazon's Good Reads and Apple Books, providing a rich resource for legal professionals eager to improve their law practice's marketing efforts and bottom line. This guide exemplifies VUGA Publishing's dedication to producing material that is both insightful and universally accessible.

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At the helm, Victoria Unikel articulates the vision of VUGA Publishing as a source of useful and accessible information for the people. "We're crafting tools that empower both professionals and passionate learners," she states. Gene Avakyan, her co-founder and partner, emphasizes their collective intent, "Diving into publishing showcases our spirit of knowledge dissemination and growth. This is a thrilling phase for us, starting with the 'Law Firm Marketing Bible.'"

Looking ahead, VUGA Publishing is preparing to launch three more business marketing titles, each aimed at equipping professionals from various fields with cutting-edge marketing insights and strategies. This is in line with the firm's overarching goal of providing content that meets the needs of today's leaders and innovators.

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Venturing beyond business-themed literature, VUGA Publishing is also set to enchant young adult readers with a science fiction series. 'Emma+Luke=' beckons with a mix of interstellar adventure and scientific wonder, chronicling the cosmic voyages of Emma and Luke. The series is not just an odyssey through space but also a journey through the rich terrain of youthful imagination, laced with evergreen social and scientific themes and issues.

The inception of VUGA Publishing, with its varied forthcoming collection, underscores the company's pledge to broaden its creative and intellectual repertoire. This move into publishing is a natural extension of their mission to ignite minds and foster creativity across diverse media and platforms.

With this entry into the publishing domain, VUGA Publishing merges innovative content with the traditional tenets of publishing. Catering to a broad readership, the enterprise is poised to enrich intellects and spark creative thinking.

About VUGA Media Group: Conceived by Victoria Unikel and Gene Avakyan, VUGA Enterprises Media Group has carved its niche as a vibrant and innovative force in the media sector. Alongside VUGA Publishing, the duo has also established 24Fashion TV and Gossip Stone TV, among other media endeavors. Their entrepreneurial spirit doesn't end there; ventures such as Edison Aerospace and Shoreline Protection Technology illustrate their commitment to technological innovation and global progress. With a rich portfolio that resonates with a global audience, VUGA Media Group continues its international expansion, at the nexus of creativity, technology, and the spread of knowledge.

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