Rejuvenation MedSpa Clinic Using Morpheus 8 and Venus Legacy for Skin Tightening Treatments

Published March 4, 2024

Rejuvenation Med Spa Clinic is bidding farewell to the ravages of time with two leading-edge, non-invasive skin tightening treatments - MORPHEUS 8 and VENUS LEGACY - to defy the signs of aging while guaranteeing transformative results with minimal body disruption.

Offering a serene ambiance, skin-reviving treatments, and premium products, Rejuvenation Med Spa Clinic has maintained quality and professionalism in cosmetic care. The well-trained and certified practitioners perform comprehensive procedures to make your skin vibrant, your physique slimmer, and your health better.

"At Rejuvenation Med Spa Clinic, we prioritize personalized care and optimal outcomes," says Dr. Diego Delgado, Medical Director and esteemed practitioner at the clinic.

Expanding its repertoire of body treatments, Medical Spa Clinic is bringing two of the most tried-and-tested and revolutionary skin tightening methods called MORPHEUS 8 and VENUS LEGACY.

Morpheus 8, hailed as a game-changer in cosmetic technology, combines radiofrequency (RF) energy and micro-needling to ensure quick yet effective and remarkable results. This procedure effectively targets stubborn fat deposits beneath the skin while enhancing collagen production to produce a sleeker, more contoured jawline.

Our certified practitioners wield this amazing technology to not only redefine facial contours but also to remodel skin across different body areas, promising safety, and efficacy in equal measure. We promise no risk of infection or noticeable surgical scarring!

Venus Legacy - the strongest, deepest, and largest device for the body - uses a powerful magnetic pulse and RF technology for deep skin penetration. Due to improved clinical effectiveness, it promises optimal tightening and high-end clinical effectiveness. Patients experience improvements after just a few sessions (typically after the third). Venus Legacy heats up fat cells underneath the skin, triggering hormone activity and breaking triglycerides embedded in the fat cells. This results in tighter, evenly toned skin and reduced wrinkles.

Medical Spa Clinic adopted this procedure for its convenience, suitability for various skin tones and types, no downtime, minimal recovery times, and efficiency to be used in combination. We take 15 to 40 minutes, considering the size or the areas being treated. You will feel only a little heat and slight redness immediately after treatment but no side effects.

"With the use of Morpheus 8 and Venus Legacy, we continue to revolutionize skin tightening methods, offering safe, effective, and transformative solutions," says Dr. Diego Delgado

About the Company:

Rejuvenation Med Spa Clinic, led by Dr. Diego Delgado, is a premier destination for cosmetic care. He is advancing beauty-related medical knowledge, being the Medical Director of Vita Medical Aesthetics Academy in Toronto and a Member of the Humber's Medical Aesthetics Program Advisory Committee and Faculty of the Canadian Board of Aesthetics Medicine.

Conveniently located at 67 Portland St in Toronto, the clinic is dedicated to offering a variety of treatments beyond skin tightening. Our clinic offers holistic care catering to multiple cosmetic concerns, from hair restoration to aesthetic injections and medical-grade peels. Also, our nutrition counseling services include personalized plans to support general wellness.

For media inquiries or to schedule a consultation, visit OR please contact our representative at or give us a call at +1 855-698-1448.

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