Ordinal Bitcoin ($Obtc) Achieves Record-Breaking Success with Unprecedented 200 ETH Raise In Only 2 Hours During Launch

Published December 21, 2023

Ordinal Bitcoin, a groundbreaking cryptocurrency project, has achieved an unprecedented feat by recording the fastest and highest raise of 206 ETH in just 2 hours during its presale launch on December 21 at 8 PM UTC via PinkSale. Due to overwhelming demand and to ensure investor protection, the team made the strategic decision to conclude the presale early.

This remarkable achievement underscores the immense interest and confidence the crypto community has shown in $OBTC. The project boasts a seasoned team of blockchain and DeFi-Utility developers, along with robust support from an exceptional marketing company. Both entities have an illustrious track record of delivering 8-9 figure projects within the blockchain space since 2021.

In a bid to empower investors and users, Ordinal Bitcoin is set to introduce a host of revolutionary utilities and functionalities. At launch, users can anticipate the deployment of the $OBTC Staking Dapp, offering lucrative APYs for early adopters with staking periods ranging from 30 to 90 days. Additionally, the Testnet for the OBTC Blockchain will go live simultaneously with the project launch.

Looking ahead, Ordinal Bitcoin has ambitious plans for upcoming utilities, including the release of the $OBTC Wallet, $OBTC Swap, and an exclusive $OBTC Launchpad. These tools are aimed at facilitating seamless transactions, maximizing revenue streams, and enabling cross-chain asset bridging through the OBTC Bridge, supporting BRC20, ETH, and OBTC assets.

Further innovations in the pipeline encompass the OBTC Snipe Bot for efficient and secure trading, the integration of utility-packed OBTC NFTs, and the development of the OBTC Blockchain. The latter will utilize the $OBTC token as gas and internal burn mechanisms, fostering a robust ecosystem of projects built upon it.

Key features of the Ordinal Bitcoin project include a meticulously audited and renounced contract, expedited listings on major platforms like CoinMarketCap (CMC) and CoinGecko (CG), intensive marketing campaigns involving top-tier influencers, and trending presence on Twitter, CMC, and CG. Notably, the project boasts a 0/0 tax structure and is set to be listed on premier exchanges.

Ordinal Bitcoin is poised for its much-anticipated launch on Uniswap on December 21 at 8 PM UTC. Investors and enthusiasts can track the project's performance and liquidity on Dextools via the following link:


To engage with the Ordinal Bitcoin community and stay updated on the latest developments, join the official Telegram group at https://t.me/OrdinalBitcoinOBTC, and Twitter at https://twitter.com/obtctoken.

The Ordinal Bitcoin project marks a monumental leap forward in the crypto space, presenting a robust ecosystem packed with innovative utilities and an unyielding commitment to investor success.

About Ordinal Bitcoin

Ordinal Bitcoin ($OBTC) is a pioneering cryptocurrency project led by a team of seasoned blockchain and DeFi-Utility developers, supported by a prominent marketing company. The project aims to revolutionize the crypto landscape by introducing groundbreaking utilities and fostering a thriving ecosystem for its community of investors and users.

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