For the first time in the world, Lokaverse has launched a song in a realistic metaverse.

Published March 3, 2024

Imagine listening to music in a way you've never done before - right in the middle of a metaverse. And when you think of metaverses, you might picture game-like worlds, but what if I told you there's now a metaverse where a song has been launched for the first time ever? This is a fresh twist in the world of music and virtual reality.

The company behind this innovation is Lokaverse. They've created a special place that feels a lot like the real world but inside a computer. The song they introduced is a romantic tune, made with the help of Music director Mr Karan Anuragi from MR Studio. This song is sung by Vishal Garg Managing Director

What's so cool about Lokaverse's world is that it's designed to be super realistic. When you check out the song, you might see places that remind you of famous spots in Dubai, like near the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa. It's like visiting Dubai without having to leave your house!

You can listen to this special song, "I Only Need Your Heart," by Vishal Garg, on their website or social media. It's also available on popular music platforms likeSpotify, iTunes, and YouTube Music. But what's really awesome is the metaverse itself. It's a place where you can meet new friends and live a different kind of life, all virtually. The music video gives you a peek at how real this virtual world can feel.

Launching a song in a metaverse isn't just about the music. It's about showing off what's possible in Lokaverse. They're not just making a game or a place to chat online; they're building a whole new world where virtual and real mix together.

So, this isn't just about dropping a new song. It's a look into the future of how we might live digitally. Lokaverse is leading us into a world where our online lives can be as rich and exciting as our real ones.

So, when you watch this video, it's not just about looking at cool stuff; it's about feeling like you're part of a big, adventurous journey in the Lokaverse. It's a way to escape to a different world for a little while and experience things you've never seen before, making the most of the realistic metaverse environment. And who knows? You might even forget you're sitting at home because it feels like you're really there, in the middle of all the action. "Thanks to the metaverse, everything is possible."

About Lokaverse World Private Limited: This company is all about making a metaverse that feels just like real life. They use the latest tech and creative ideas to make virtual places where people can do all sorts of things they do in the real world, but online. They're dreaming big about how we can live, work, and play in new ways.