Are Backlinks Still Relevant for SEO in 2023? Debunking Common Myths

Published January 23, 2024

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The significance of backlinks defined by several Calgary SEO Companies and many others in the dynamic world of search engine optimization has been the subject of much debate and conjecture. It is critical to debunk common misconceptions about backlinks and confirm their ongoing importance in SEO, defined by several professionals like SEO experts in Edmonton and worldwide as we enter 2023.

Understanding the Role of Backlinks in SEO and Dispelling Common Myths (2023)

Edmonton SEO companies and others stated that an essential and often misinterpreted part of any website's ranking strategy in the ever-changing realm of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the importance of backlinks. Understanding backlinks and their continued significance in search engine optimization are defined below. This article also addresses prevalent misconceptions around backlinks.

Myth 1: These Days, Backlinks Don't Matter for SEO:

Some believe that other ranking variables have rendered backlinks irrelevant. But this misconception ignores the ever-present significance of backlinks as an SEO fundamental. Even now, backlinks are one of the most significant signals that search engines practice to define a website's capability and reliability. Backlinks are still a strong strategy for increasing search ranks, even if SEO has changed significantly.

Myth 2: The Priority Is on Amount, Not Quality

Many people wrongly believe that the amount of backlinks is the main factor that determines SEO success. The truth is that backlink quality is more important. These days, search engines emphasize how relevant, authoritative, and trustworthy a link is. Unlike getting many links from low-quality sites, getting a small number of high-quality backlinks from traditional sources is usually preferable.

Myth 3: Any Link Is Desirable

A common misunderstanding is that the main factor in search engine optimization is the total number of backlinks. Ethical SEO practices include acquiring links from authoritative and relevant websites. Search engine optimization (SEO) performance still relies on a varied, organic link profile that shows genuine interest and support from many sources.

Myth 4: Rankings are not affected by backlinks anymore.

Some say that, because of algorithm upgrades, backlinks no longer affect search engine results. Even though search algorithms are constantly changing, backlinks are still a significant component of a website's reputation. Search engine results are favourably affected by increased domain authority, which directly results from high-quality backlinks.

Myth 5:Link Building in the Age of Social Media

While social media is an integral part of digital marketing, it can't match the one-of-a-kind benefit of backlinks. The influence of social signals on SEO is indirect compared to the direct and long-lasting effect of backlinks on a website's authority. Combining social media and backlinks may increase your internet presence even further.

Backlink Relevance in the Year 2023:

Authority and Trustworthiness:

When two websites connect, it's like a vote of confidence. Search engines see these votes as signs of authority and reliability. Sites with many high-quality backlinks are considered reliable resources in their fields.

Ranked Higher in Searches:

Backlinks are still essential for rankings, even after algorithm modifications. Search engines prioritize websites with solid backlink profiles, increasing the likelihood that these sites will rank higher and get more organic traffic and prospective consumers.

Traffic from Referrals:

SEO experts in Edmonton (and your area) suggest that backlinks serve as signals for search engines and generate referral traffic directly. Exploring related content via fascinating and appropriate hyperlinks increases engagement and prominence.

Connecting with Others:

Networking with other websites is a common tactic in the backlink acquisition process. In addition to link-building, this kind of cooperation may pave the way for new collaborations, guest blogging possibilities, and an expanded professional network.


Edmonton SEO companies and many others stated that as we go through the SEO world of 2023, it is essential to debunk misconceptions about the value of backlinks. To this day, backlinks are still crucial to search engine optimization (SEO) since they show search engines your reputation, authority, and relevancy. SEO experts Edmonton loves (and elsewhere) stated that ethically building diverse and excellent quality backlinks profiles is essential if you want your website to make an impact in the competitive digital arena.

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