3 Reasons to Choose Pallets for Shipping Produce

Published December 21, 2023

Customers come to Packing Service, Inc. to ship all kinds of items. One product that you may not think about is produce. The food industry always seeks out the best palletizing services to deliver their produce to customers. They need a reliable partner with experience in safely shipping pallets, and shipping them according to strict industry standards.

Wooden pallets are the go-to packing solution for customers who need to transport perishable items such as produce. They are economical, sustainable, and customizable to meet all of your needs. Plus, with flat rate quotes from Packing Service, Inc. there won't be any surprises that impact your bottom line.


Wooden pallets like those offered at Packing Service, Inc. are one of the more affordable packing options for large quantities of produce. Wood is a relatively inexpensive material, so the production of a custom shipping pallet is reasonable. Because they can be reused, stacked, and stored, pallets save customers money over time.

Environmentally Sustainable

Those in the food industry pay special attention to sustainability practices. Palletizing services can reuse their wooden pallets which brings down their average cost with every use. Many manufacturers are also opting to use responsibly sourced wood or recycled plastics in the construction of their shipping pallets.


One big draw for food industry customers is that pallets can be tailored to meet their needs. Foods such as produce require specific handling processes to ensure that the food arrives safely and in compliance with industry standards. Experienced palletizing services offer a variety of pallet grades to handle any food product. Our professionals provide flat rate quotes for your custom pallet.

Packing Service, Inc. is proud to be considered the top choice for shipping in the nation. Our team has years of experience and knows how to ship your produce or other food items safely and with attention to standards. Our flat rate quotes and transparent pricing make us your trusted shipping partner.

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