Yobod Introduces Premium Virtual Fitness Training Experience and Expands Business Services

Published August 21, 2023
Unveiling an exclusive high-ticket virtual fitness training experience, Yobod shifts gears. In collaboration with AI leader Air.ai, Yobod's revamped app connects clients with top-tier trainers for live or recorded sessions, embracing personal preferences. Expanding beyond subscriptions, Yobod also introduces fitness services tailored for businesses.

Yobod, a trailblazer in virtual fitness training, has unveiled an exciting new chapter by shifting its focus towards an exclusive high-ticket offering. Alongside this evolution, Yobod has expanded its services to include fitness solutions tailored for businesses. 

In a strategic stride forward, Yobod has transitioned away from subscription services, providing an exceptional fitness experience through a premium approach. This strategic shift allows Yobod to cater to a discerning clientele seeking unparalleled fitness solutions. In parallel, Yobod has harnessed its expertise to extend fitness services to businesses, thereby fostering employee well-being and performance enhancement.

The Yobod platform has undergone a comprehensive overhaul, resulting in an elevated virtual fitness training experience. This transformation has been made possible through a dynamic collaboration with AI innovator, Air.ai. The reimagined Yobod app empowers clients to connect with top-tier fitness trainers, engaging in live or recorded sessions that adapt to their schedules and preferences.

The company's decision to pivot from subscription services underscores its dedication to customer-centric solutions and industry advancement. The new high-ticket offering exemplifies Yobod's unwavering resolve to exceed client expectations and pioneer transformative approaches in fitness training.

Yobod has transitioned to a high-ticket model, making the platform more exclusive. While the app remains accessible for download on both the Apple Store and Google Play, its functionality has been refined. Now, users can download and register, but they won't experience the full suite of features until they are paired with an elite trainer.

This strategic shift means the previous "discover trainers" feature is no longer the central offering. Instead, the app serves both fitness enthusiasts and trainers. Clients are matched with trainers tailored to their fitness goals, such as cardio, HIIT, or Yoga. Simultaneously, trainers leveraging the Yobod Trainer app can organize live group sessions, design individualized workout routines, and expand their reach, ensuring a steady income.

Individuals interested in exploring Yobod's latest offerings can visit the Apple Store or Google Play. Businesses can access the official website to learn about Yobod and its commitment to seamless fitness experiences.

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Yobod is a pioneering virtual fitness training platform that delivers unparalleled fitness experiences to clients and trainers worldwide. Through personalized workout solutions tailored to individual aspirations, Yobod serves as the bridge connecting fitness enthusiasts with expert trainers.

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