Talks about Expired Listing Leads and How They Can Be a Potentially Lucrative Opportunity for Real Estate Agents

Published April 26, 2023

Real estate agents often look for new ways to generate leads and grow their businesses. One often-overlooked source is expired listings. An expired listing is a property once listed for sale but did not sell during the listing period, which is typically three to six months. While some agents may view expired listings as dead leads, others have found benefits of pursuing them that could make them a lucrative opportunity.  Check out a company such as Espresso Agent for help.

Less Competition for Listings  

Expired listings represent a unique opportunity for agents because there is typically less competition for these listings as agents tend to gravitate towards newly listed properties. When a property initially goes on the market, many agents will contact the seller hoping to secure the listing. With expired listings, fewer agents reach out to the seller, giving the agent pursuing the lead an advantage.  

Motivated Sellers  

When a property fails to sell during its initial listing period, the seller is often motivated to sell quickly on the best site. They may have already purchased another property or need to sell it for financial reasons. As a result, expired listings are a huge opportunity for agents to work with motivated sellers ready to move quickly.  

Pre-Qualified Leads  

When an agent pursues an expired listing, they often work with a pre-qualified lead. The seller has already expressed an interest in selling their property, and they have experience with the selling process. They may be more receptive to an agent's marketing and willing to work with the agent to sell according to 

Better Commission Rates  

When the seller has listed their property once without success, they may be more open to negotiating commission rates. This creates a potential opportunity for agents to secure the listing and earn a higher commission than newly listed properties. This increased flexibility in commission negotiations benefits both the seller and the agent, as it can lead to a successful sale.  

Access to Market Data  

When a property fails to sell during its initial listing period, the agent and the seller have access to market data that can help them better price the property. The agent can use this data to recommend adjusting the price or improving the marketing strategy. This can be especially helpful in a competitive market where pricing is critical.  

Potential for Referrals  

While an agent may not secure an expired listing lead, there is still potential for referrals from the seller. The seller may refer the agent to their friends and family interested in selling their properties based on the positive experience they had with the agent. Therefore, agents can potentially gain more clients and expand their business through these referrals.  

EXPIREDS ARE BACK—CALL THEM AND CLOSE THEM. By pursuing these leads, agents can take advantage of less competition, motivated sellers, pre-qualified leads, better commission rates, access to market data, and potential for referrals. 

While expired listings require more effort than newly listed properties, they can be a good way for agents to grow their businesses and establish themselves as experts in their local markets. 


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