Pipes & Plugs Explains Plumbing Issues That Should Not Be Ignored

Published August 11, 2023
Pipes & Plugs is a top-rated plumbing, heating, and electrical company in New Iberia, LA. In a recent update, the plumber explained various plumbing issues that shouldn’t be ignored.

New Iberia, LA - In a website post, Pipes & Plugs explained various plumbing issues that should not be ignored.

The plumber New Iberia started by mentioning that a leaky faucet is one plumbing issue property owners should not ignore. The team explained that if leaky faucets are ignored, the property owner will have to deal with increased water bills due to water wastage. They said that one may assume that only a few liters will be lost, but in a year, more than 3,000 gallons of water can be lost through leaky faucets. 

The best-rated New Iberia plumber added that a running toilet is a serious plumbing issue that should be fixed immediately. They explained that a running toilet can lead to loss of hundreds or thousands of gallons per month. So it should be fixed by an expert to save water.   

The trusted Plumber in New Iberia also said that slow or clogged drains are a serious plumbing problem that shouldn’t be ignored. They said that slow drains can be caused by many issues like blockage along the line. They added if the septic tank is full one is also likely to experience slow drains. They advised property owners to call plumbing experts to fix slow drains. They also said that burst pipes, broken shutoff valves, low water pressure, and leaking pipes are other serious plumbing issues that need urgent attention. 

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