Klown themed artist Klowniac drops melancholic cover of Pixies “Where Is My Mind”

Published July 28, 2023
Sometimes we all feel alone or lost or like we don't quite know where we are in life. The picture we have in our head of what our life should be doesn't necessarily always line up with what it is and occasionally what we perceive to be real isn't always true. 
Klown themed artist, Klowniac, is an American multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and performer. The self-described “committer of audio atrocities” takes a well known classic and twists it into an even more melancholic exemplification of the struggles of dealing with mental illness and dissociation. 
The song Where Is My Mind (originally made by Pixies in 1988) has a theme some would say is ambiguous in it's subject matter and resists easy analysis. Though there are countless variants and covers already in existence that try to replicate the feel of the original, Klowniac went against that typical approach and used its own interpretation to add a different vibe and feel that makes it stand apart from previous iterations. 
The broken cries and haunting vocals accompanied by the distant drone of sax and thumping sub bass add an atmosphere that makes one feel lost and uneasy while simultaneously being familiar. The small unpolished imperfections of Klowniac's delivery help it to retain a sense of rawness that is refreshing and adds to the overall sense of deep dejection. Whether you struggle with finding your place in the greater scheme of reality or have issues slipping away from yourself and drifting aimlessly in the stream of consciousness; this is one song that might just make you feel a little less alone. 
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