Iranian Vocal Sensation Ava Rostamian: A Journey of Musical Excellence

Published August 4, 2023
Ava Rostamian: Renowned Iranian singer and vocal coach mesmerizes global audiences with her soulful performances and dedication to preserving Iranian music heritage.

Renowned Iranian singer and vocal coach Ava Rostamian has captivated audiences worldwide with her enchanting voice and exceptional talent. Born in the culturally rich city of Isfahan on November 27th, 1989, Ava's musical journey began at a young age, guided by her father, Ali Rostamian, who instilled in her a love for music and its intricacies.

Having started learning the Iranian Music Singing Radif and playing the violin and Kamancheh at just 8 years old, Ava's passion for the art of music blossomed under the tutelage of esteemed musicians such as Ardeshir Kamkar and Siavash Zahirodini. Her innate connection to her father's compositions and vocalizations served as the foundation for her vocal abilities, eventually leading her to explore both singing and playing the violin.

Throughout her formative years, Ava's dedication to her craft remained unmatchable. She entered the Music Art School at the age of 15, where she continued her violin studies under the guidance of Bardia Kiaras and delved into vocal techniques with Mahmood Karimi under the mentorship of Najmeh Tajaddod. Ava's musical prowess flourished, culminating in her receiving a violin performance diploma.

With an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a desire to delve deeper into Iran's rich musical heritage, Ava specialized in the Kamanche during her university years. This dedication earned her a bachelor's degree in Iranian instrument performance. Along her journey, she had the honor of being mentored by luminaries such as Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Parviz Meshkatian.

Ava's artistic excellence extends beyond the classroom and into the stage. As an integral member of the Chaharbagh family music ensemble, led by her brother Mohammad Reza Rostamian, and the Noban String Ensemble under the direction of Arslan Kamkar, she has mesmerized audiences with soul-stirring performances. Her talents have also graced esteemed festivals in Switzerland, Italy, and China, leaving audiences spellbound with her haunting melodies.

Not only a captivating singer and musician, Ava is also a prolific composer with an impressive portfolio of published works. Her singles, including "Otherland," "Wine & Blood," and "Hasrat," have resonated with audiences worldwide, gaining critical acclaim. Additionally, Ava's collaboration with her father in the Cup of Love Album showcases the harmony and emotion in their duets.

As a passionate advocate for preserving Iran's musical heritage, Ava has embraced the vocal coach role and taught traditional singing, violin, and Kamancheh at various cultural and art institutes, nurturing the next generation of musical talent.

Ava Rostamian's journey of musical excellence has been a testament to her strong dedication, boundless talent, and passion for her craft. Audiences across the globe have been touched by her soulful performances, which are a perfect fusion of traditional Iranian music and contemporary expressions.

For a chance to experience Ava Rostamian's enchanting performances and learn more about her musical journey, please visit her official website.

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