Empowering Safety: Safe-Esteem Unveils ViCRI, the Definitive Global Violence Risk Index

Published August 14, 2023
Safe-esteem's Violent Crime Risk Index for Global Cities (ViCRI) is a revolutionary tool that provides standardized and comprehensive violence risk data, empowering individuals, public officials, and organizations with accurate insights for informed decision-making on personal safety and security in international cities.

In a world where media headlines, tech reports, and political commentaries often paint a grim picture of increasing crime and violence, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about personal safety. The ambiguity surrounding this topic, coupled with humans' susceptibility to innumeracy and bias, makes it challenging for the public to make well-informed decisions. But fortunately, there's a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Safe-esteem has introduced the Violent Crime Risk Index for Global Cities (ViCRI), a revolutionary tool that empowers individuals and organizations with the knowledge they need to assess violence risk across international cities.

ViCRI stands as the world's premier source of urban-level violence risk data and ratings. By employing a standardized measurement and scoring methodology, ViCRI rates international cities based on personal risk and safety dimensions, with a primary focus on the probability of violent criminal victimization for both residents and visitors.

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What sets ViCRI apart from other rating initiatives is its unparalleled approach to addressing methodological challenges and fallacies that have plagued previous endeavors. Many existing risk ratings combine various aspects, such as street, property, and violent crimes, and may even factor in unrelated elements like road accidents, infrastructure aspects, or vulnerability to natural disasters. ViCRI, on the other hand, remains steadfast in its commitment to offering a clear and precise evaluation of violent crime risk.

The index's success can be attributed to its robust data quality, eliminating language ambiguity, accounting for legal definitions and enforcement inconsistencies, and rejecting the use of unreliable ordinal scales. By fine-tuning these critical elements, ViCRI has become a reliable and comprehensive tool for all users.

One of the key advantages of ViCRI is its accessibility. Anyone, from concerned individuals to seasoned travelers, can easily look up their home city or travel destination to gain insights into personal safety and security awareness. The index not only empowers the general public but also serves as a valuable resource for public officials, city managers, and law enforcement personnel who can leverage its data for reference, research, and informed planning.

Furthermore, corporate entities, non-profit organizations, and non-governmental organizations can consult and refer to ViCRI for travel and event planning, duty of care considerations, and resource allocation purposes. With this tool at their disposal, insurers can gain meaningful insights into risk ratings and various forms of coverage related to travel, Duty of Care, Key Person, and other specialty products. 

As the world grows more interconnected and dynamic, safety becomes a paramount concern for individuals and organizations alike. Thanks to Safe-esteem and the creation of ViCRI, individuals now have a powerful tool to assess violence risk in global cities comprehensively. Instead of relying on sensationalized media reports and ambiguous opinions, one can turn to ViCRI for accurate and data-driven insights. 

For more information, please visit www.violenceriskindex.org

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Safe-esteem is a Miami-based startup focused on elevating personal risk judgment and decision-making by combining human and artificial intelligence, big data and analytics, and behavioral science. The company recently released its Safe-xplore family of products, including Safe-xplore Professional, and Safe-xplore Personal Edition.

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