A Journey from Self-Reliance to Prosperity

Published October 2, 2023
On this Gandhi Jayanti, Connect Ventures Inc. extends the vision of Bapu from self-sufficiency to prosperity or indigenousness to internationalization. Thus, we invite Indian entrepreneurs to catalyse the transformation of Indian startups and MSMEs into multinational corporations, paving the way to achieving the ambitious $5 trillion USD economy goal as championed by Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

New Delhi - October 2nd, 2023 - On this Gandhi Jayanti, Connect Ventures Inc., a global leader in compliance management for cross-border and offshore businesses, is proud to announce a transformative initiative aimed at empowering Indian entrepreneurs to propel the nation towards the coveted $5 trillion USD economy goal set forth by Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India's thriving startup ecosystem and dynamic micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) sector represent a goldmine of untapped potential.

Connect Ventures Inc. recognizes this potential and is dedicated to harnessing it by assisting Indian startups and MSMEs in their journey to becoming multinational corporations (MNCs). In his vision for India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi outlined the ambitious goal of achieving a 5 trillion USD economy by 2025. To realize this dream, it is imperative to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and global competitiveness within the Indian business landscape. Connect Ventures Inc. (www.theconnectventures.com) stands at the forefront of this effort, acting as a catalyst for transformative change.

Key Highlights of Connect Ventures Inc.'s Initiative:

Strategic Mentorship: Connect Ventures Inc. offers comprehensive mentorship programs, providing Indian entrepreneurs with access to a network of seasoned industry experts, geographic experts, successful entrepreneurs, and investors. This mentorship will equip startups and MSMEs with the knowledge and expertise needed to scale globally.

Access to Global Markets: Through its extensive international network, Connect Ventures Inc. facilitates market entry and expansion strategies for Indian businesses. This includes identifying target markets, forging strategic partnerships, and navigating regulatory challenges.

Compliance Management for Foreign Countries: Connect Ventures Inc. can assist Indian entrepreneurs in managing compliance in over a dozen key business destinations across the globe, e.g., USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Nepal, Netherlands, Indonesia, Egypt, Nigeria, Mauritius, etc., besides some selective Indian compliance specifically for crossborder businesses.

Strategic Investment and Funding Support: Connect Ventures Inc. is committed to backing promising Indian startups and MSMEs with both financial capital and guidance. A dedicated investment platform is being developed soon for this initiative to foster innovation and growth for both investors and invested businesses.

Technology and Innovation Hub: Connect Ventures Inc. will establish a cutting-edge technology and innovation hub in India to foster research and development, encourage innovation, and provide resources for disruptive technologies. This hub will help non-resident Indians transport Indian innovations to foreign countries. It will create an opportunity bank for both Indian innovators and non-resident Indians. Connect Ventures Inc.'s Chairman, Dr. Anil Gupta, expressed enthusiasm about this initiative, saying, "India is a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurial talent.

We believe that by providing the right support and opportunities, Indian startups and MSMEs can not only contribute significantly to the nation's economy but also expand globally. Our goal is to help them become the next generation of multinational corporations. As India forges ahead on its journey towards a $5 trillion USD economy, Connect Ventures Inc. invites all Indian entrepreneurs, innovators, strategic investors, and business leaders to join hands in this transformative endeavor. Together, we can realize the vision set forth by Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi and position India as a global economic powerhouse.

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