Get to know musical veteran “Azazel The Marine”

Published January 27, 2023

Azazel The Marine is a musical enthusiast, entrepreneur and military veteran. Azazel is a genre-breaking musical talent. The marine veteran fuses melodic heavy bass beats with a golden-era charisma and style to create works that all people from all walks of life can enjoy. This HipHop head has an undeniable cadence and performance that brings imagery to his sound. His debut album is a remarkable project. War Money is a great example of the energy he brings in his music. Whether it’s the manically crazy uptempo rhymes in Monster or the harmonic chill type flows of Evil Love, this surprisingly versatile artist has an ear for music production.

Azazel is a talented musician with a powerful voice and energetic sound. The Usmc veteran has been creating some incredible music as well as fully embracing entrepreneurship. A multi-talented musical artist with a prominent sound with strong storytelling in military world views. Azazel The Marine holds nothing back when in the booth. The more weird and distorted it sounds, the better the art and the music is not linear. Azazel is definitely an artist that loves what he does.


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