The Last Resort Recovery Center: A Drug Rehab in Austin Providing Individualized Addiction Treatment Plans with Evidence-Based Modalities

Published August 9, 2023

Austin, TX: Alcohol and drug addiction can be deadly and complicated. In line with this reality, The Last Resort Recovery Center, Austin assists patients in starting the journey to recovery using a variety of evidence-based modalities and trauma resolution workshops. The center, which sits on a 55-acre ranch, also provides a peaceful setting for patients - free from temptations, distractions, and other daily life stressors.

Full medical detox is the first step toward overcoming addiction. Because drug detoxification can be hazardous and fatal without supervision, The Last Resort Recovery Center offers around-the-clock medical supervision. As a result, the patient safely withdraws from the substance without the need to enter a medical facility. Additionally, medical detoxification is highly individualized to cater to each patient's unique needs.

The Last Resort Recovery Center, Austin also has an inpatient program that provides a supportive space as patients work towards lifelong sobriety. It is designed for all patients with co-occurring mental illnesses, dependent on multiple substances, and those experiencing the effects of past traumas. The professionals responsible for guiding the patients through their recovery process acknowledge that addiction does not occur in isolation and that the factors above play a role. Therefore, every decision is made to address the underlying issues.

The alcohol rehab center also has an aftercare program. In addition to answering the "what comes next" question for people recovering from addiction, sober living provides a safe and comfortable place as they prepare to rejoin the world. Like other programs, they receive 24/7 support and coaching on a range of issues.

Each resident is paired with a recovery coach. The main objective of one-on-one coaching is to help patients set realistic goals and acquire effective communication techniques and other life skills. Additionally, the recovery coach covers other important topics such as how to repair relationships, advance in a career, and finances.

Transitional sessions for groups is another program by The Last Resort Recovery Center to prepare patients for the outside world. The issues handled by addiction treatment professionals include family dynamics, dating, and relationships, and ways to remain committed to recovery.

In addition, the center aims at facilitating the healing of the mind, body, and spirit - regardless of where the patient is on their recovery journey. To achieve that, the center includes trauma-informed treatment, 12-step immersion, and family programming in each stage. Furthermore, the professionals help patients recognize the factors that lead to substance abuse and teach them various relapse-prevention techniques.

The Last Resort Recovery Center is located at 7509 Menchaca Rd Unit 301, Austin, TX, 78745, US. Patients or families of people struggling with drug and alcohol addictions can contact the center at 512-599-9915. Visit the website to learn more about programs and the modern campus.

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