, Inc. Unveils Groundbreaking Solutions for Enhanced Workplace and Home Safety

Published June 14, 2023, Inc. is an American, family-owned business committed to providing outstanding safety solutions to enhance safety and comfort across diverse environments. The company specializes in offering a range of top-quality products, including ErgoKneel and SoftKnees products, fire pole pads, ladder stops, and other essential safety equipment. With decades of experience in the industry,, Inc. has established a reputation for manufacturing products that consistently deliver optimal performance and durability.

The company's ErgoKneel handy mat ensures individuals can perform their tasks comfortably and efficiently. It's ideal for home use, manufacturers, utility workers, tire stores, and more. The mat is ergonomic and specifically made to help with tasks that involve kneeling. It helps to minimize knee trauma and alleviate low back stress, providing a pain-free kneeling experience. The ErgoKneel large handy mat ensures optimal cushioning and support, effectively reducing the risk of knee-related injuries.

In addition, gardening enthusiasts find the ErgoKneel Handy Mat from, Inc. to be a reliable companion. This innovative mat offers exceptional support by cushioning their knees from hard surfaces, making gardening activities more enjoyable and engaging. With the ErgoKneel Handy Mat, gardeners can tend to their plants, pull weeds, and perform various tasks with enhanced comfort and ease.

"We have been selling top-quality worker safety and comfort products for decades now. We pride ourselves on finding unique and industry-leading safety products for our customers. Our ErgoKneel Handy Mats, and Extreme Standing Mats are fine examples of the products we sell. Our SoftKnees No-Strap Knee Pads are saving knees all over the country," said the company representative.

The Extreme Standing Mat is a heavy-duty closed-cell foam rubber that is silicone free, self-extinguishing, does not absorb liquids, and is impervious to petroleum products. The mat goes beyond typical mats, eliminating high-frequency vibrations, creating a stable and soothing surface that keeps the body in gentle motion. The gentle motion stimulates and promotes joint lubrication, enhancing productivity while ensuring an individual's well-being.

Ladder falls rank as the second leading cause of work-related injuries highlighting the critical need for improved safety measures., Inc. sells an innovative Stop-a-ladder that significantly enhances safety for professionals in various industries, including roofers, painters, service workers, and DIY enthusiasts. It prevents extension ladders from slipping, ensuring a secure and accident-free working environment.

Stocking, Inc. products offer numerous advantages to businesses. These include a significant reduction in work-related injuries, enhanced employee comfort, improved circulation, minimized joint pain, and increased overall productivity. By providing access to, Inc.'s range of products, companies can create a safer and more comfortable work environment, leading to happier and healthier employees, as well as improved operational efficiency.

To learn more about, Inc., visit their website or call (503) 663-9254 to speak to a customer representative. The company is located at 30485 SE Veterans Blvd, Estacada, OR, 97023, USA.

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