PracticalCME Announces Botox and Filler Training in Atlanta is now Open for Registration

Published May 28, 2024

Nurses, NPs, and Physicians can now register for one of a limited number of seats for Botox Injector Certification Hands-On Classes.

Since 2012, PracticalCME has been the PREMIUM, Hands-On Class for Botox Injector Training in the Atlanta Georgia Area, and the ONLY Botox and Filler Injection Training Provider that gives trainees ...

  • MD Faculty. The faculty in Atlanta is Gregory Zengo, MD who has injected over 1.3 million units of Botox and has done Dermal Filler Injections for 20 years.
  • Small Groups. Live hands-on classes typically have 4 per class with a maximum of 6 so everyone gets plenty of one-on-one supervision from the Physician faculty.
  • Fully CME-Accredited Certification backed by AAFP, AMA Cat.1, ANCC, AANP, and AAPA. That is the gold standard for MDs, RNs, NPs, and PAs.
  • Add on Microneedling and PRP Certification on the same day. Nobody else gives this flexibility.
  • Location Transparency. Students always know the faculty and the street address of the class BEFORE registration. Other providers just mention a date and a city. Plus, only PracticalCME has never canceled a live training class in 16 years. Others frequently cancel classes if they do not generate enough revenue.
  • The entire Course is Delivered Online at the Time of Registration. This is the FAST TRACK(TM) Blended Online followed by Live Hands-On that PracticalCME pioneered in 2012.
  • 0% Financing Available. Apply in checkout through the partner Affirm.

On June 15th and other dates in 2024, Atlanta is set to host an intensive and hands-on Botox Training and Dermal Filler Certification course. This program is designed for nurses and physicians looking to advance their skills and achieve Botox Injector Training certification.

Since the pandemic many new training organizations have popped up using buzzwords like "American Board of..." and "Institute of..". Or they offer titles like "Advanced Injector" or "Master Injector". These are marketing terms and anyone can use them regardless of training. These programs never list faculty or exact locations of the training, yet rank at the top of the search. The most important criterion for choosing the right training is full CME Certification from the professional organizations mentioned above. PracticalCME trains everyone in all aspects of Botox and Dermal Fillers that work and are desired by most patients. There is no need for various levels of training or spending more money on an advanced course later.

Key Highlights of the Training Program

  1. Hands-On Experience: The Botox Course in Atlanta offers comprehensive Botox and Filler Certification. Participants will gain hands-on experience under the guidance of seasoned professionals, ensuring they are well-prepared to perform Botox Injection Training and filler procedures independently. Every attendee gets 20u Botox and 1cc Juvederm to inject into their patient under MD supervision. This is always included in the tuition cost.
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: The curriculum covers all essential aspects of Botox Injection Training, including patient assessment, injection techniques using real Botox and Juvederm under supervision, and post-procedure care. Additionally, participants will learn about the latest advancements in Dermal Filler Training, equipping them with the skills needed to offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments. Moreover, participants are taught by the MDs who are the leaders in their communities, supervise nurses and NPs, and often see the complications from other providers' errors. Everyone on the faculty is a true expert and has a busy practice to prove it.
  3. Location and Dates: Conveniently located in Atlanta, this training program is easily accessible for medical professionals across the region. The upcoming training dates are listed on the PracticalCME website, allowing participants to plan their attendance accordingly. Other locations in the Southeast include Central Florida and Charlotte.

Benefits of Certification

  • Professional Recognition: Obtaining a Botox and Filler Certification from an accredited program enhances professional credibility and opens new career opportunities.
  • Skill Enhancement: Through practical and theoretical learning, participants will significantly improve their injection techniques and overall patient care.
  • CME Credits: The training offers valuable CME credits, contributing to the continuous education requirements for medical professionals.

Enroll Today or live chat now with any questions.

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