Ontpress Unveils its Redesigned Platform to Provide Accessible Financial Knowledge

Published August 10, 2023

Ontpress, a leading destination for those looking to gain success and financial knowledge in the markets is proud to announce the launch of its redesigned site. The redesign comes as a result of the recent success of the site and the positive impact it has had on its users.

The site has placed an emphasis on readability and usability with its revamp, bringing with it enhanced features, a new user-friendly interface, and a reforged commitment to accessibility. Ontpress stated that with the revamp it aims to empower all its users to build a healthier financial future.

About Ontpress.com

Ontpress has established itself as a trusted resource in the financial industry, and has dedicated itself to help its readers to find success in the market. Ontpress.com has also established a mission of making financial knowledge accessible to everyone.

This redesign is a significant step forward in achieving both of those goals. The site is focusing on general easy-reading material, finance, investing insights, and health. This information is relevant to both seasoned professionals and those new to finance.

Key Features

The redesign of Ontpress hasn't only refreshed its commitment to providing accessible financial knowledge to readers, but also comes with a variety of new features. Ontpress is excited for readers to explore the new content and features, which can be learned about below.

Clean Design

The first major change brought about by the redesign is a clean user interface. The home page of the site now shows visitors everything they might be looking for in a singular, neatly organized space.

Visitors will find content categories at the top of the page, with recommended popular articles directly below. Scrolling down, readers can find top-ranking articles for investing, and below that, videos explaining useful financial tips and tricks.

Mortgage Calculator

An engaging feature that Ontpress has added, and one that users are already finding incredibly helpful, is the mortgage calculator. This handy little tool requires some information from readers in order to calculate what sort of payments are expected to be made on a mortgage.

What's more useful is that this tool generates a table which can be printed that details:

  • How many payments would need to be made,
  • On what date
  • How much
  • The interest on payments
  • and the total balance

Investing Insights

The challenging aspect of investing is not knowing what is worth investing in, and most importantly, which investments will actually pay off. Ontpress understands this challenge, which is why the revamp now includes a section dedicated to providing content related to investing tips.

This information is invaluable to both beginners and seasoned investors, and will help readers in making informed decisions in the financial markets.

Comprehensive Finance Section

The next addition to the site is the comprehensive finance section, which covers a wide range of topics and provides a wealth of financial tips. These topics range from:

  • Vertical acquisitions
  • Taxes
  • Credit unions vs commercial banks
  • Capital management
  • Filing for bankruptcy

The information covered in this section caters to both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the financial industry.

Health and Wellness Advice

Ontpress understands the turbulent relationship between financial well-being and overall health, which is why the site is excited to announce its new section "Health", which provides invaluable tips and advice on how its readers can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

General Easy-Reading Material

Finally, when it comes time to take a break from thinking about finance, Ontpress has its visitors covered. The new "General" section is dedicated to providing easy-to-digest reading material that will cater to a wide audience. This content is engaging and accessible, and covers a wide range of topics.


Ontpress is always excited to hear back from its readers, which is why the site is inviting anyone with suggestions or questions to send the team an email at questions@ontpress.com. The site has this to say "We specialize in financial services and offer coverage on loans, business, taxes and health-related topics. We feel our content can be a great complement to the financial world and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we could work together. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about finance, loans, business, taxes, or health."

The readers, seasoned financial experts, and newcomers alike are eager to find out what is in store for Ontpress, as this revamp is an indication that great things can be expected from the site.

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