New Jersey DUI Lawyer Rachel Kugel Unveils Detailed Overview of NJ Drunk Driving Laws

Published July 5, 2023

New Jersey DUI lawyer Rachel Kugel of The Kugel Law Firm, has recently published an article exploring the intricacies of New Jersey drunk driving laws. The comprehensive piece provides an in-depth analysis of the state's DUI and DWI regulations, offering valuable information for individuals navigating these legal challenges.

In the article, New Jersey DUI lawyer Rachel Kugel delineates the structure of DUI offenses in New Jersey. She highlights the fact that DUI charges in the state can result in severe penalties, even for first-time offenders. Moreover, New Jersey law prohibits plea bargaining for lesser charges on DWI offenses, adding further weight to these charges.

Leveraging her deep knowledge of the legal landscape, Kugel, a practicing New Jersey DUI lawyer, presents the salient aspects of the state's drunk driving laws. She explains that New Jersey does not categorize drunk driving or DUI as a criminal offense but as a traffic offense. This distinct classification means that those charged do not have the right to a jury trial, and their cases are heard by a judge in municipal court.

"A DUI or DWI charge in New Jersey carries specific challenges given the unique way our state laws are structured," said Kugel. "It's important for individuals to understand these distinctions to navigate the legal process successfully."

The Kugel Law Firm offers its legal services across various areas, including Jersey City. The firm's robust team of NJ criminal defense attorneys is committed to preserving clients' rights, and they bring their significant legal knowledge to bear in providing the best possible outcomes for clients charged with drunk driving offenses.

Within the article, Kugel also provides a detailed overview of aggravating factors that can influence a DUI case, such as the offender's blood alcohol concentration, the presence of a minor in the vehicle, and the number of previous intoxicated driving offenses.

The legal repercussions of a DUI conviction are far-reaching, with potential outcomes ranging from expensive fines and jail time to a blemish on the individual's driving record. Therefore, securing the assistance of an adept DUI attorney is critical. At The Kugel Law Firm, the team of dedicated DUI attorneys has a thorough understanding of the New Jersey legal system and the relevant DUI laws.

About the Kugel Law Firm:

The Kugel Law Firm is a New Jersey-based legal firm providing defense for individuals charged with drunk driving offenses. The firm's team of skilled NJ criminal defense attorneys is dedicated to protecting clients' rights and providing aggressive legal representation. The firm, led by DUI lawyer Rachel Kugel, holds a successful track record in DWI cases and is committed to achieving the best possible outcome for its clients.

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