Fly Away BMS Introduces Its Innovative, Eco-Friendly, and Natural Bird Repellent Solution

Published May 24, 2023

United States - Fly Away BMS, an innovative company specializing in bird repellent solutions, has achieved remarkable advancements with the introduction of its highly effective and environmentally friendly product. Specifically designed to deter avian behavior, this advanced bird repellent has propelled Fly Away BMS to the forefront of the industry, making them the go-to option for bird control in various sectors and applications. Their unwavering dedication to offering a hassle-free and efficient solution further sets them apart from the competition.

Unlike conventional bird repellents, Fly Away BMS utilizes the forces of nature to effectively deter birds. Its bird repellent product consists of an aromatic solution that incorporates a distinctive active ingredient called methyl anthranilate (MA). This ingredient emits a scent that triggers the trigeminal nerve in birds, compelling them to take flight. Importantly, the scent produced by the product has no adverse impact on humans, rendering it completely safe. In fact, the active ingredient, methyl anthranilate, is a grape seed extract commonly used to flavor candy, soft drinks, and other foods.

With the Fly Away BMS bird repellent product, keeping unwanted birds away has never been so effortless, safe, and efficient. The company proudly offers a range of unique selling points that make it the preferred choice for bird repellent. Customers can also order the product in its many forms, including the Fly Away BMS Blocks, Fly Away BMS Granule Pouches, Fly Away BMS Bulk Granules (25 lb bag), baskets, weather caps, and hangers.

The company's spokesperson, Mark Burgess, noted that what truly sets Fly Away BMS apart is the breakthrough delivery system. He added: "Unlike liquid-based MA repellents that necessitate precise measuring, mixing, and specialized agricultural equipment, Fly Away BMS offers a hassle-free alternative. Our product can be easily hung as a solid block or spread in the form of tiny granules. Whichever form you choose, the natural time-released process ensures the steady release of methyl anthranilate, providing long-lasting and effective bird control."

Fly Away BMS is excited to offer a game-changing solution to bird control, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners, farmers, and businesses alike. By utilizing the innovative technology, customers and users can now protect their property from unwanted avian activity while respecting the environment. The company encourages customers to follow Fly Away BMS to learn more about the use and application of the bird repellent product.

Fly Away BMS is committed to improving its product quality and meeting customer needs. The company is available to answer any questions, address concerns, and offer clarifications to customers for guaranteed satisfaction and to help them make informed decisions. Interested homeowners and businesses can contact them via their website to explore their product offerings and additional information. Fly Away BMS can also be reached via phone at (833) 435-9292.

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