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Published June 1, 2023

Silver Spring, MD - Center for Vascular Medicine - Silver Spring offers exceptional care and treatment for individuals with vascular conditions affecting their legs and feet. At the heart of this renowned center is a skilled team specializing in diagnosing and treating deep vein and arterial diseases that can impact the pelvis and lower extremities. The dedicated team also addresses symptoms such as impaired blood circulation, swelling, ulcers, and discoloration of the lower extremities.

For those struggling with chronic pelvic pain, leg discomfort, or discomfort in the feet, particularly experienced at night or during physical activity, the vascular surgeon Silver Spring offers exceptional care and advanced treatments that bring relief. Moreover, they specialize in tailored treatments for chronic venous insufficiency and post-thrombotic syndrome, alleviating the burden on patients afflicted by these conditions.

The center is also dedicated to addressing a range of vascular diseases with the utmost expertise, including pelvic congestion syndrome, deep vein thrombosis, and May-Thurner syndrome.

Wound care is another area of expertise at the Center for Vascular Medicine - Silver Spring. The skilled vascular doctors work diligently to rehabilitate foot ulcers and wounds. With scheduled wound care treatments available at select locations, patients receive comprehensive and tailored care to promote healing and prevent further complications.

The vascular surgeon employs a range of advanced procedures, both invasive and minimally-invasive, to effectively treat vascular conditions affecting the feet and legs. These procedures utilize advanced solutions, tools, and technologies, aiming to maximize effectiveness while minimizing potential post-surgical side effects.

Among the surgeries performed is the atherectomy procedure, which involves the removal of plaque and artery blockages. Additionally, the skilled doctors conduct angioplasty and venoplasty procedures, specifically designed to enhance blood flow in diseased arteries and veins, respectively. This is achieved by carefully introducing and inflating a balloon to improve circulation, which is then deflated once the procedure is completed.

To ensure patients are well-informed and have a clear understanding of their prognosis, the dedicated staff at the center provides a comprehensive breakdown of the expected outcomes following treatment. Typically, positive changes can be anticipated within a period of one to four weeks post-treatment. However, in some cases, additional treatments may be required to achieve optimal results. It is important to note that minor bleeding at the entry site and temporary lower back pain may occur, but these effects are expected to resolve within two weeks after treatment. Encouraging early intervention, the vascular surgeons at the center emphasize the importance of seeking prompt treatment to prevent irreversible damage.

Center for Vascular Medicine - Silver Spring is an accredited vascular testing center with a three-year accreditation for vascular testing. They offer Peripheral Arterial Testing as granted by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC). The certification shows the center has been carefully critiqued in all relevant operations for Vascular Testing. This gives their patients the much-needed confidence when seeking vascular disease diagnosis and treatment.

A satisfied patient, Brenda S, stated this about their services,

"Wonderful staff, very pleasant and attentive before and after the procedure. I was very nervous and the staff helped me relax and reassured me I was in good hands."

Center for Vascular Medicine - Silver Spring is located at 10750 Columbia Pike Ste 605, Silver Springs, MD, 20901, US. Call the staff at (301) 396-7618 to consult or book an appointment.

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