Empowering Women and Families with Support and Care: Pregnancy Resource Center

Published May 1, 2023

Women experiencing pregnancy symptoms, seeking pregnancy test result verification, or desiring support for pregnancy can visit the Pregnancy Resource Center. The center has served women and families facing unplanned pregnancies in a confidential, safe, and judgment-free environment for over 30 years. With a network of centers and an extensive website, women can access various services and resources from licensed medical staff and trained pregnancy counselors navigating dynamic lifestyles and walking with patients as they make informed decisions.

When patients visit the center, its staff offers a free pregnancy test after discovering missed periods, tender/swollen breasts, fatigue, uterine cramping, light spotting, and other symptoms. They use quantitative and qualitative blood tests, which are urine-based and 99% accurate. They draw a small sample from the patient to determine whether or not they have HCG in the blood, confirming or denying a pregnancy. The nurses provide a written verification or confirmation of a positive pregnancy test or advise a physician to diagnose a pregnancy for insurance purposes.

Pregnancy Resource Center offers pregnant women the opportunity to see their developing babies with a free first or second-trimester obstetric ultrasound. This procedure confirms an intrauterine pregnancy with fetal heart rate, size, and due date. To ensure a safe and comfortable experience, a registered nurse guides patients through the process, confirms the pregnancy, checks eligibility criteria, and provides extensive education.

For patients who require a transvaginal ultrasound, the nurse will provide preparation instructions beforehand. During the procedure, the nurse will gently place a transducer to obtain a clear image of the baby. The center understands the importance of this experience for expectant mothers and aims to provide a supportive and caring environment for all patients.

During a supported, crisis, or unintended pregnancy, decision-making is frustrating because of the wide range of emotions, options, opinions, or internet searches. Pregnancy Resource Center believes the best way to decide the next steps is to talk to a professional with decades of experience to gain perspective. A team of trained peer-to-peer pregnancy counselors listens to and advocates for patients whether they need guidance for mental illness, preconception methods, teenage pregnancies, and other scenarios.

One of the options pregnant women have is adoption, where they can choose an adoptive family, work with an agency/organization, choose the child's placement time, or discuss privacy/openness with the child/parents. The adoption process can be challenging, and the Pregnancy Resource Center recognizes the importance of supporting patients through each step. To begin, patients meet with a specialist from an adoption agency to create an adoption plan that meets their specific needs and preferences. The birth mother is presented with potential adoptive families for open or semi-open adoption. The center understands the significance of this decision and ensures that patients receive ample time and support to make an informed choice. Once they give birth and officially sign over the rights, the birth mother can choose to maintain a relationship with their child and their adoptive family.

Check their website to learn more about Pregnancy Resource Center and adoption sites they work with, or call 503-777-7097 to make an appointment. The center is located at 5117 SE Powell Blvd. #3, Portland, OR, 97206, US.

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