Functional Wellness Center In Toronto Explains Taurine IV Therapy

Published April 15, 2023
Toronto, Ontario -

The Toronto Functional Medicine Centre, an integrative functional medicine clinic based out of Toronto, Ontario, is reaching out to explain what taurine IV therapy consists of. Notably, they also wish to share that they are providing taurine as one of the ingredients of their IV therapy in Toronto. The centre is dedicated to taking a multidisciplinary approach to wellness, with patients and practitioners working together to customize treatment plans.

Taurine is an amino acid that is rich in sulphur, and in combination with other amino acids, it might contribute to brain function, physical performance, and more. In fact, the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre shares a paper from the Biomolecules and Therapeutics journal which says that, “Results of many clinical studies have been encouraging, suggesting a promising future for taurine therapy. Equally promising are studies showing the nutritional value of taurine.”

Taurine in IV Therapy in Toronto

Taurine is linked to a wide range of bodily processes, such as stabilising electrolytes for cell health and providing antioxidant support. Additionally, taurine may also help improve digestive health, support mineral intake for cellular functioning, foster immune function, and sustain vision health as well as the central nervous system. Given all the potential benefits that it has, taurine supplements may be combined with an exercise regimen and a balanced, healthy diet to help people lead a healthy lifestyle.

In a blog post on their website, the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre has shared a number of potential reasons why people might want to consider adding taurine supplements to their daily intake. For one, taurine may have shown promise in reducing the risk of heart disease. A Japanese study showed that triacylglycerol levels, atherogenic index levels, and body weight were reduced when taurine supplements were consumed for seven weeks. According to the study, which was published in the journal Amino Acids, “These results suggest that taurine produces a beneficial effect on lipid metabolism and may have an important role in cardiovascular disease prevention in overweight or obese subjects.”

Taurine may also help sustain mitochondrial health. Due to its sulphur content, taurine may contribute to many physiological tasks in the human body, such as supporting mitochondrial function. Taurine’s contribution towards physiological welfare may also improve endurance. Anyone who maintains an active lifestyle may be interested to know that a study measured taurine’s impact on athletic performance and oxidative stress linked to physical activity. The study showed that, “after supplementation, the change in taurine concentration showed positive correlations with the changes in exercise time to exhaustion and maximal workload. Additional effects of this supplement may include impacts on aerobic and anaerobic actions, such as helping offset muscle damage and metabolic stress, while optimising recovery.”

Toronto Functional Medicine Centre is pleased to share that for those who are interested in taurine supplements to support and boost their energy levels, the wellness centre offers taurine IV therapy combined with other amino acids. Toronto Functional Medicine Centre recommends patients first consult with a functional medicine practitioner for a personalised approach to their wellness. Healthcare providers may advise patients to implement dietary changes, oral supplements, or add vitamin IV therapy to their wellness protocol. This encompasses inserting a customized nutritional formula directly into the bloodstream, which offers a full absorption of nutrients without using the digestive tract. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, these types of treatments could encourage optimal functioning.

At the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre, the health care team provides integrative medicine that is meant to support and supplement a healthy, holistic lifestyle. The team tailors nutritional IV drips for each of their patients. Depending on the patients’ needs, IV vitamin infusions could offer a nutritional benefit for those with acute illness (immune function), chronic illness (chronic fatigue syndrome), brain fog, blood pressure concerns, age-related diseases, and/or brain health matters.

The Toronto Functional Medicine Centre’s website has more information about the full range of IV therapy services on offer, including lysine in IV therapy in Toronto, high dose vitamin C, NAD IV therapy, and others. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the clinic at 162 Cumberland St 222 A, Toronto, ON or get in touch with a representative via email at or through phone at (416) 968-6961.


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