Fountain Mountain Offers a Range of High-Quality and Energy-Efficient Kasco Pond Fountains

Published March 30, 2023

Established as an online business in 1999, Fountain Mountain started its journey selling tabletop fountains on eBay. Soon the business changed its focus and started selling fountain and pond pumps. By the year 2003, this online business made a major move to a warehouse location in Santa Maria on the central coast of California. Since then, Fountain Mountain has been rolling out quality yet competitively priced floating fountains, pond fountains, pond pumps, and pond lights. Always thinking in terms of customer needs first, this leading business has a huge database of happy customers.

While offering insight into Fountain Mountain, the company spokesperson said, “Fountain Mountain is dedicated to offering true value for money and utmost customer delight. We are renowned for maintaining a high-quality and innovative product range, which we make available to our esteemed customers at competitive prices. For budget-conscious individuals, we have developed the FTech Floating Fountain line exuding great quality and cheap prices. On the other hand, we roll out the Kasco Marine range that is superior, a bit pricey, and ideal for high-end customers.”

Kasco Marine is a state-of-the-art floating pond fountain and aerator manufacturer, whose engineers have engineered the art of making quality yet energy-efficient pond and fountain products. This is the reason why Fountain Mountain focuses on this particular pond fountain brand. Kasco pond fountains boast the best aerating capabilities, which are of high importance to the longevity of any balanced aquatic ecosystem because excessive nutrients in water over time can cause all sorts of problems. A high-quality aerator from Kasco Marine helps mitigate damage caused by reducing several water quality issues.

The spokesperson added, “Kasco is a leading manufacturer of decorative fountains and aerating fountains appropriate for ponds and lakes, docks, marinas, and more. Because customers have trusted this aerator fountain and pond fountain brand for more than 50 years, we trust it too. It is a family-run company reputed for setting the gold standard in the manufacturing of water quality solutions. Kasco aerator fountains boost the longevity and efficiency of ponds by drastically reducing and removing phosphorus and other harmful minerals from water. Cutting down algae growth, these aerator fountains help make the fountain and pond environment rich in oxygen and healthy for fish and other marine life.”

Fountain Mountain offers a wide variety of Kasco aerator fountains for ponds of different sizes. Therefore, to purchase the desired items or to just inquire about Kasco pond fountains cost, one can talk to the customer service executives of the company over the telephone. Or they can simply visit the company’s website, as it is loaded with easy-to-comprehend information regarding each product on offer.

About Fountain Mountain:

Fountain Mountain brings quality yet competitively priced indoor/outdoor fountain pumps, floating pond fountains, LED fountain lights, and more for its customers. To ensure that the buyers continue using bought products nicely for years to come, the company offers knowledge and awareness regarding their proper use and maintenance. To find out any such information or floating pond fountains cost, customers can visit the company’s website.

Contact Information:

Fountain Mountain

Fountain Mountain, Inc.

2351 Thompson Way, C-2

Santa Maria, CA 93455

Telephone: (800)-319-3854



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