Flux Challenges the largest computer providers with the Launch of its Web3 Cloud Service

Published March 29, 2023

Web3 technology firm Flux has launched Flux Cloud, an extensive suite of decentralized services and code-agnostic customizable blockchain-as-a-service (BAAS) solutions. Flux Cloud uses blockchain technology to provide clients with various tools and an environment to turn their ideas into efficient and scalable applications.

Flux chief business officer Davy Wittock says that Flux Cloud approaches the problem differently from the Web2 giants that are currently dominating the web services space. By decentralizing the process using blockchain, Flux cuts back on overhead costs and makes the process much more affordable.

“Clients don't need to procure data centers or bandwidth because we host everything on the blockchain, and that's the main strength of Flux. It's community-driven hosting.”

Flux's computational network has more than 15,000 nodes distributed globally, each equipped with a fail-safe mechanism. This results in massive computational resources at the clients' disposal. Even at the lowest tier, Flux can provide enterprise-grade infrastructure to its clients.

According to Wittock, Flux allows anybody to set up a server, especially with the growing availability of basic plug-and-play devices that cost around $200. He adds that most websites and API services do not require a huge amount of hardware overhead, and can run even on older computers.

“There's a couple of other companies out there that actually build on top of Flux and utilize the Flux network, providing more servers to the network or providing applications that people can easily deploy.”

According to Flux, hosting nodes on its marketplace removes the burden on businesses having to set up their servers. This allows clients to concentrate on the real products and services they are offering and provides the opportunity to launch new products and websites rapidly. If clients see the necessity to expand quickly, Flux allows them to scale further for a fraction of the cost. This is because decentralization spreads out the cost and the load of the investments, making it more affordable for clients to operate.

Wittock adds that the decentralized nature of Flux Cloud offers a huge advantage compared to centralized Web2 services in terms of uptime and reliability. If a central facility goes down, large sections of the internet are often rendered inaccessible for significant periods of time. However, a spread out network such as Flux's can tolerate a certain number of nodes going down without major impact to the service.

Despite providing the same services as the Web2 giants, Flux does not directly compete with them. Instead, it positions itself as a complementary service and not as a replacement for the more established centralized technology. Flux has partnered with OVHcloud and Lumen Technologies to assist the bridging of the gap between Web2 and Web3, creating a positive environment where both sides of the coin can thrive.

Daniel Keller, Founder and CEO of Flux says, “We apply what is called the wetland model. We're not here to replace the Web2 companies that have been out there for a long time. Our intention is to provide a Web3 solution that can work alongside existing Web2 technology. There's no need to replace that instantly. What we want to offer is a basic service that has easier and more affordable scalability. Sometimes, businesses need to scale quickly with the need for minimal overhead. And that's where the wetland image comes into play. In nature, a wetland is a place for excess water to go without harming anything,”.

Flux has no intention of stopping, with the growth of the company being a top priority. With the world of Web3 and blockchain desperately in need of its WordPress moment, Flux is in the process of announcing exactly that. With the company's next project being focused around the Flux decentralized WordPress.

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