Fleet Cost & Care Offers a Suite of Seamlessly Interoperable Crane Fleet Dispatch Apps

Published March 28, 2023

Fleet Cost & Care, makers of fleet management software solutions, is urging companies managing heavy equipment and machinery, especially cranes, to find out more about its suite of fleet management software.

Known for its comprehensive, scalable, and trustworthy fleet management solutions, Fleet Cost & Care leverages its years of experience in the crane rental industry to deliver products purposefully crafted to solve its challenges. The software solutions from Fleet Cost & Care come in the form of NexGen and Atom, crane rental software solutions that enhance labor productivity, maximize asset utilization, reduce unit downtime, increase profitability, lower insurance rates, decrease liabilities, and optimize parts and inventory tracking.

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The spokesperson for Fleet Cost & Care talks about the benefits of its software for business owners by saying, “There are so many ways in which your business could be running more efficiently but is being held back by outmoded forms of tracking and communication. Having served the crane rental industry closely for years, we have identified the pitfalls which sap worker productivity, reduce your output, and increase your overall operations costs. These are roadblocks that you shouldn’t even have to deal with! With technology and intuitive software design, we have created a solution that helps you overcome these obstacles – whether it is for your office staff or your boots on the ground. Head over to our website and find out more about our crane fleet dispatch apps and find out how they can make a real difference to your bottom line.”

Fleet Cost & Care claims that, on average, its customers see an increase of 10% in technician productivity and a boost in asset utilization of at least 5% through NexGen. The company’s software can better track equipment downtime through notifications built into the software, improve the accuracy and speed of invoicing, increase safety compliance by encouraging proactive preventative maintenance, eliminate unnecessary purchases, eliminate duplicate data entry, and reduce time spent looking for available parts in an extensive inventory. One client even reported that NexGen helped it reduce the down renting on a single unit by 34% over a year leading to cost savings of over $15,000.

NexGen is Fleet Cost & Care’s desktop software that allows fleet owners to quote and schedule jobs, add or remove equipment, view daily, weekly, or monthly schedules, and perform all of the back-office administrative tasks. NexGen, when integrated with popular accounting systems, is designed to be a complete solution that eliminates the need for any other system.

Atom is the company’s comprehensive mobile fleet management app that runs on a tablet or smartphone and is designed to be used by technicians on-site or wherever else they might be. Dispatchers, sales managers, operators, and service managers can use Atom to create quotes and work orders, assign work to mechanics, enter labor, capture signatures on a job site, perform safety checklists, and check in on the status of the jobs for any given period.

Since both software solutions are built and maintained in-house by Fleet Cost & Care, the company ensures seamless interoperability. All of the work completed in Atom is synced in real time with NexGen. This translates to the administrative staff and on-site crew always being on the same page as the work being performed in the field is immediately accessible to those working in the company’s offices.

Several of Fleet Cost & Care’s clients have identified the company’s robust, easy-to-use, feature-rich, and highly available software suite, as the reason behind their success. One such business owner, Brian Schleicher, Director Of Business Operations at Superior Cranes, Inc., talks about Fleet Cost & Care’s impact on their company by saying, “When you develop trust and a great relationship with a partner, they start to feel like they are a part of your team and that’s what Fleet Cost & Care has done.”


Readers can get in touch with Fleet Cost & Care at (800) 281-9445 to inquire about its products and schedule a demo of its construction equipment dispatch software.


For more information about Fleet Cost & Care, contact the company here:

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