Fist Assist Devices Supports Raynaud's Disease Awareness Month

Published February 16, 2023

Raynaud's Disease is suffered by up to ten percent of the population, predominantly women, and results in poor circulation to and pain in the extremities of fingers and toes. Symptoms include chill and inability to manipulate digits normally.

Until now, primary treatments have included keeping fingers and body warm, avoiding stress, and when necessary, the use of pharmaceuticals dihydropyridine calcium and nifedipine which increase circulation.

In 2023 however, there is a new solution on the block, available without a prescription!

Introducing the Fist Assist Model FA-1, an innovative, hands-free, arm compression massager developed by Fist Assist Devices, LLC of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Available for sale for the first time in the United States on February 1, 2023.

Designed by Stanford University-trained vascular surgeon, Tej Singh, MD, the Fist Assist Model FA-1 has received FDA 510(k) clearance and is now available for purchase in the United States without a prescription, making it easily accessible to those who need it.

The Fist Assist Model FA-1 is a prime example of new and innovative wearables, utilizing intermittent muscle compression to enhance arm circulation and reduce pain in the arm, wrists and fingers. This unique technology makes it a superior option when compared to other drug-free methods such as squeeze balls (requiring one hand to use), compression sleeves (providing only mild fabric-based skin compression), and constriction bands (which become uncomfortable), and none of which provide improved circulation.

The Fist Assist Model FA-1 is hands-free and can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time (up to two hours per day.) It is clinically safe (a sleeved shirt is recommended) and has been cleared by the FDA, making it a reliable and safe solution for those suffering from arm pain due to conditions such as arthritis, cancer, carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, Raynaud's Disease, and repetitive strain injury (RSI).

The Fist Assist Model FA-1 is easy to use and requires only 2 AA batteries (not included) to operate. A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered for customer satisfaction.

For those looking for a non-pharmaceutical, wearable solution to arm pain from Raynaud's Disease, the Fist Assist Model FA-1 is an excellent option.

Interested individuals can learn more about the health benefits for Raynaud's at and


The Fist Assist FA-1 device is manufactured by Fist Assist Devices, LLC, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fist Assist Devices was founded by Dr. Tej Singh, a renowned vascular, endovascular, and vascular access surgeon at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Dr. Singh invented the Fist Assist FA-1 device because he saw a need in his practice to help patients increase circulation. He sought to design and develop an at-home, minimally invasive, wearable device that patients could use to increase circulation, primarily in the arms.

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