Find Addiction Rehabs Offers Guide to Methadone Clinic Services and More

Published January 27, 2023
Boca Raton, Florida -

Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR), a company based in Boca Raton, FL that provides resources on addiction treatment and how it is being made more accessible to those who need it, has released a trio of articles on opioid addiction and finding the best options for getting treatment and get on the road to recovery. One article looks at the benefits and drawbacks to methadone clinics. In another article, the FAR team examines why heroin is so addictive with insights into opioid agonist interactions and brain chemistry. And lastly, they have published an article that presents a ready-made defense for those who get a positive drug test that can help appease their employers and also provide an entry point for rehab and recovery.

A representative for Find Addiction Rehabs says, “Methadone is an FDA-approved medication that has become increasingly used for opioid treatment. It is a newer form of medication-assisted treatment (MAT), that can help relieve drug cravings, ease opioid withdrawal symptoms, and ultimately help treat addiction. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), methadone is considered a Schedule II drug under the controlled substances act. This means that while a maintenance dose prescribed by a doctor is considered legal to use, doing so recreationally is not. When using methadone safely and at your prescribed dose, this can be an effective tool for relapse prevention and helping make the recovery process easier when overcoming your illicit drug use.”

Methadone pill bottle shows to promise and pitfalls of this form of MAT: get other options for opioid recovery at Find Addiction Rehabs today

Meanwhile, there are several reasons heroin quickly becomes addictive. This is because heroin binds to opioid receptors in the brain that can control feelings of pleasure and physical pain. The brain actually produces natural endorphins as a response to injuries or pain. But there are cases when a certain person is unable to produce sufficient endorphins, in which case, opioids may be prescribed to help with the chronic or extreme pain. Opioids are typically prescribed for only a limited time and not for long-term use. The patient may then try to extend the use of these prescription drugs over a long period of time. The problem is that the body becomes more tolerant of opioids. The person trying to get relief from the chronic pain may try to increase the dosage and ultimately develop a dependence on the drug.

For employees who have been unfortunate to have received a positive drug test, the best defense is nearly always a straightforward acceptance and a proactive commitment to getting the necessary help. Whatever the type of drug test or drug screening, a request for help is generally supported by both public and private employers.

Drug tests are done to look for indications that someone has been using one or several illicit drugs. This is done by collecting blood, urine, hair, saliva, or sweat samples. Drug screening is performed on the samples to detect possible use of alcohol, cocaine, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, amphetamines, steroids, phencyclidine, opioids, opiates, or recreational and medical marijuana. Although rare, false positive results may occur and can have negative consequences, such as losing a job and even legal issues. Fortunately, false positive results can be disputed via secondary confirmatory advanced drug tests. For those who have been really using illicit drugs, the best defense is, to be honest about it. More often than not, employers or family members may be willing to offer help in finding a rehab program to help the person struggling with an addiction.

Find Addiction Rehabs provides a website that serves as an information resource for those who are looking for drug and alcohol rehab facilities either for themselves or for their loved ones. The website presents expert articles or guest blogs that offer information on available rehab programs at different locations in the US and recent updates on rehab and treatment strategies. The Find Addiction Rehabs website is not the usual kind of directory listing or directory website that only lists the rehab treatment facilities. The FAR website offers all available information on the various kinds of addiction, the different types of addictive substances, and the latest treatment methods that can be used to help people recover from an addiction.

Those who would like to learn more about drug addiction and various issues, such as the effective responses to failed drug testing results, can check out the Find Addiction Rehabs website or contact them through the telephone, at any time of day, to inquire about Admission and for a confidential insurance verification to learn about coverage for treatment nearly instantly.


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