Eyesthetica Doctors Publish Study Revealing Importance of Qualified Injectors

Published April 14, 2023
Los Angeles, California -

Los Angeles, CA,— Eyesthetica physicians Dr. Michael Burnstine, Dr. David Samimi, and Dr. Jordan Conger have published a study with doctors from the University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine that highlight the risks of adverse outcomes from dermal filler injections when performed by unqualified injectors. The study shows Eyesthetica's commitment to patient safety, and emphasizes the importance of choosing a qualified, experienced professional for injectable procedures.

“It was a difficult case to write about,” said Dr. Burnstine. “The patient in question had severe side effects a year after the injections were given, and was not the only one suffering facial disfigurement at the hands of the same practitioner. This case study highlights just how incredibly important it is to see a trusted, qualified expert. With over a million people receiving fillers each year, it is essential to make an informed decision when undergoing a procedure, no matter how simple it seems.”

The study describes a case in which a patient suffered severe facial disfigurement from permanent filler injections performed by an inexperienced practitioner. The patient experienced eyelid swelling and granuloma formation (small nodules of inflammation). The patient required multiple procedures to remove the scar tissue and permanent filler, as well as chronic low-dose oral steroid therapy. The patient's facial disfigurement persisted due to the permanent filler placement

“Picking an injector is difficult,” continued Dr. Burnstine. “With permanent fillers especially, and those containing bovine collagen and other similar technologies, it’s necessary to see a highly skilled, experienced professional. I would never recommend a patient seek treatment from inexperienced facial injectors or injectors that do not have a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy. This understanding is so important because improper filler injection can cause blindness or migrate to cause unwanted lumps and bumps."

In the case study, the patient’s facial disfigurement remained, with surgical excision considered as a last resort. Despite the patient’s eyelids not receiving any filler, the permanent product migrated to them after being injected into various areas, including the perimeter of their face.

While dermal filler injections are some of the most common aesthetic procedures in the United States, they can lead to serious complications when improperly administered, and as the study showed, sometimes these side effects can take months or years to appear. Inexperienced or untrustworthy injectors often perform the procedures without properly consulting with patients and don’t completely grasp the properties of the product being used.

“I hope this study increases the industry’s vigilance and helps other patients who may have experienced something similar,” said Dr. Samimi. “We want patients to experience the positive aesthetic outcomes that fillers can provide, and we will continue conducting research to keep our patients and our colleagues in the aesthetic field on top of side effects.”

“We do a really high level of work at Eyesthetica,” continued Dr. Conger. “Our team regularly performs injectable treatments on patients after a thorough vetting. The Eyesthetica team discusses your medical history, performs patch-testing when needed, and always exercises a great deal of caution. Regardless of how the service is marketed, it’s still something you need a trusted medical professional. I’m thankful to work with a highly ethical team, and I know our patients are too.”

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