ERTC GOV Establishes New Standard In Proper ERTC Filings

Published February 21, 2023

Carmel, Indiana based ERTC GOV is pleased to share a new ERTC process that protects their clients. ERTC GOV is the largest ERTC company in the United States, and has partnered with CPA firms across the country to help small and medium businesses get their Employee Retention Tax Credit. One of the things that sets ERTC GOV apart is that all their client's claims are reviewed by 3 CPAs.

As explained by ERTC GOV, the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC or ERC for short) was originally launched in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was included as part of the CARES Act relief package, and was intended to be an extra incentive for smaller businesses to retain their employees. At the time, however, it was overshadowed by the Payment Protection Program — a similar program through which businesses were provided a SBA-backed loan that helped keep their workforce employed during the COVID-19 crisis.


However, unlike the PPP, the ERTC is still available retroactively for both 2020 and 2021. More importantly, small businesses that received PPP are eligible to apply for ERTC too. As evident by the name, ERTC tax credit is a credit which reduces the amount of total tax owed to the IRS. The credit is based on payroll taxes rather than income taxes, so small businesses can still receive the credit even if they paid no income taxes in 2020 or 2021.

More importantly, as it is a refundable credit, it is possible for small businesses to receive money beyond what they originally paid in payroll taxes. Businesses that qualify for $50,000 under the ERC, but only paid $10,000 in payroll taxes, would still receive the full $50,000 refund from the IRS. There are of course some nuanced rules and regulations, which are fully explained in the ERTC GOV website, which was recently redesigned to make applying for and qualifying for ERTC more easier for small business owners. With their redesigned website, ERTC GOV also introduced a new standard to ensure proper ERTC filings.

“We chose to have our client's claims independently reviewed by 3 CPAs because we understand the importance of accuracy when submitting claims to the IRS. Too many ERTC firms out there are sending in unverified claims, which is putting their clients in jeopardy of an audit,” explains Mark Sullivan, a representative for ERTC GOV. “A key differentiating factor of how we do things is a process we call ‘The Power of 3.’”

Sullivan continues, “The Power of 3 is our accounting process, which provides for bulletproof ERTC filings. We send our client's claims first to our ALPHA team, who comes up with a dollar amount determination of credits. Once they are done, we then send your file to the Omega and Delta teams. All three teams have to agree on the final credit amounts that you are due in order to move forward. This process ensures complete accuracy. We specialize in very complex cases, and many CPA firms across the country trust us with their clients due to our in-depth analysis. With the fraud that happened with the PPP loans, the IRS is taking ERTC seriously. With three accounting teams, The Power of 3 is a shield that protects our clients.”

Unlike other ERTC companies, ERTC GOV focuses only on Employee Retention Tax Credits for small business owners. ERTC GOV does not provide additional services (such as preparing income taxes, compiling financial statements or providing attestation services of any kind). With this singular focus on ERTC claims, the company is able to provide a best-in-class service for small businesses who are looking to make the most of their ERTC claims. With their Power of 3 approach, ERTC GOV guarantees to maximize refundable credits for local and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). ERTC GOV also does not require any upfront fees to get qualified; any and all fees are 100% contingent on the users’ refund. ERTC GOV also provides audit-proof documentation for IRS support — which other firms do not offer at all. Similarly, no other CPA firms offer Rapid Rebate™ either.

Those who want to learn more about ERTC GOV and their range of services can visit the website for more information. The website explains what is ERTC and also contains a simple form through which small business owners across the countries can start their ERTC process. Mark Sullivan encourages interested parties to get in touch with him or an agent of the company for any questions.


For more information about ERTC GOV, contact the company here:

Mark Sullivan
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1950 Greyhound Pass #118-19
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