Elevations RTC Specializes In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Published December 28, 2022

Syracuse, Utah, United States - 12-28-2022 (PR Distribution™) -

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is a psychological therapy designed to treat various problems, such as anxiety, depression, drug/alcohol addiction, eating disorders, severe mental illness, and marital issues. It is worth mentioning that advancements in this field have been achieved using clinical practice and research. 

Indeed, plenty of scientific data supports the notion that CBT methods produce meaningful change in the people who receive them. To this extent, CBT differs from several other psychological therapy types.

Several studies indicate that CBT causes notable improvements in the quality of life and functioning. Some research shows that CBT is just as good or better at helping patients than psychiatric drugs or other psychological treatments

CBT focuses on a few basic concepts, namely that psychological issues arise (either in part or whole) from learned behavioral patterns and thought processes, which are negative/counterproductive. People who suffer from psychological issues can master better methods to deal with them, so their symptoms improve, and they become more productive in their daily lives.

CBT treatments include methods to alter patterns of behavior. These methods might involve role plays to handle difficult situations with people. Or, they might show patients how to confront their fears rather than run away from them. Sometimes, patients are taught how to relax their bodies and calm their minds.

Also, CBT treatments often involve methods to alter thought patterns. Such methods include education to facilitate understanding other people's motivations and behaviors. Patients might learn how their thinking has become distorted and how this creates problems in some regions of their lives. 

Then, they will be taught how to reassess their beliefs to reflect reality better. Other patients will receive coaching to improve their self-esteem and develop skills in problem-solving. This way, they will be able to handle challenges.

The methods described above are only sometimes used on some CBT patients. Instead, psychologists work with patients in a spirit of collaboration to understand their issues and devise treatment plans. CBT psychologists focus on their patients' present life situations instead of what caused their problems in the first place. Of course, some details about their backgrounds are requested; however, the emphasis is on making progress in the here and now - to cope with life more effectively.

CBT prioritizes helping people to help themselves. During session activities and 'out-of-hours assignments,' patients gradually master coping mechanisms that boost their confidence. This allows them to adjust the thoughts and behaviors that have held them back for so long. 

Elevations RTC is a leading treatment program for teenagers in America. The company's trained staff use therapeutic methods to help their students with skills for positive change. CBT sessions empower youngsters to overcome their negative points of view and develop healthy coping skills for a successful future. 

Elevations RTC is situated in Syracuse, UT, outside of Antelope Island Park in the Great Salt Lake.

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