Dr Tamassios Orthodontist in Nicosia Provides Free Consultations to Kids

Published February 5, 2023

Nicosia, Cyprus: Orthodontic care is very popular among teens between the age of 10-14. Yet, many children might need orthodontic treatment before even their permanent teeth come in. To address the orthodontic needs of kids, Tamassios Orthodontics, a Nicosia-based leading orthodontic clinic, is making waves by offering free consultations to children.

Studies show that up to 45% of children need braces to address functional problems, such as a misaligned bite, or cosmetic issues, such as a crooked or crowded smile. However, not many families are aware that a visit to an orthodontist can save their children’s teeth from further issues and misalignment down the road.

Braces for Kids

Consultations are the first step in determining the best course of action for each patient, and should take place approximately at the age of 7. This is why Dr Michalis Tamassios offers free first consultations for kids that families in Cyprus can take advantage of. During the appointment, Dr Tamassios provides an initial assessment of the young patient's dental condition, discusses possible treatments and answers questions about the cost and duration of the different orthodontic solutions available.

Several innovative dental alignment practices are available at Tamassios Orthodontics, including Lingual Braces - Incognito, Self-Ligating Braces - Damon System, Clear Aligners - Invisalign and other treatments for efficient treatment of malocclusions and esthetic concerns.

Getting braces as young as possible can set the proper foundation for healthy and beautifully aligned teeth. The goal of Dr Tamassios’ initiative is to provide children with access to quality orthodontic care, regardless of age. The clinic encourages parents and children to use this opportunity and seek the proper treatment that will ensure better dental health for children in the future.

Covering the full range of orthodontic services, Tamassios Orthodontics strives to bring high-quality orthodontic care to as many children and families as possible. Placing patient comfort, safety and satisfaction at the forefront of all services, their commitment to providing excellent orthodontic care is unparalleled.

About Tamassios Orthodontics:


Tamassios Orthodontics is a local orthodontic center in Nicosia, Cyprus. The practice is led by Dr Michalis Tamassios, a skilled orthodontist with decades of experience. The team offers a range of treatments, including traditional metal braces and Invisalign. Visit their website for more information at www.tamassiosorthodontics.com.


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