Dr. Melinda Fouts selected as Top Global Executive Coach of the Year by IAOTP

Published January 2, 2023

Carbondale, Colorado, United States - 01-02-2023 -

Melinda Fouts, Ph.D., Psychotherapist, International Executive Coach, Columnist & Featured Contributor for Forbes Coaching Counsel, and Founder of Success Starts With You, was recently selected as the Top Global Executive Coach of the Year for 2023 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for her outstanding leadership, dedication, and excellence within multiple industries. Her global reach in coaching includes clients in Dubai, Moscow, Ireland, the UK, Spain, France, Afghanistan, and Panama to name a few. 

While inclusion with the International Association of Top Professionals is an honor, only a few members in each discipline are chosen for this distinction. These special honorees are distinguished based on their professional accomplishments, academic achievements, leadership abilities, other affiliations, and contributions to their communities. All honorees are invited to attend the IAOTP's annual awards gala at the end of the year for a night to honor their achievementswww.iaotp.com/award-gala

Dr. Melinda Fouts was chosen for this award for dedicating more than twenty years of her life's work as a business coach and psychotherapist. She earned her bachelor's degree from the University of New Mexico, her MA in Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, her Ph.D. in Psychology from Saybrook University, and her Executive Coaching Certification from the College of Executive Coaching.

The President of IAOTP, Stephanie Cirami, stated "We are honored to have Melinda Fouts as part of the IAOTP family. She is brilliant at what she does, has tremendous foresight of coaching, and her skills and accomplishments speak for themselves."

Her impressive repertoire of prior roles has included Psychotherapist and Owner/Founder of her private psychotherapy practice. Dr. Fouts leverages her strengths and insights from her psychology background to help leaders and managers transition through increased self-awareness and discovering their blind spots. It can be lonely at the top, and as a thought partner, she ensures you are not alone. Dr. Fouts' unique approach distinguishes her from other business coaches because she helps eliminate thinking and behavioral patterns that tend to keep executives stuck. 

Her key areas of expertise include but are not limited to small business consulting, enhancing emotional intelligence, self-awareness, unlocking the fullest potential, brainstorming, identifying limitations, challenges, obstacles, and optimizing performance.

Dr. Fouts' Business, Success Starts with You, is based upon the premise that you are already successful. Increasing self-awareness to increase emotional intelligence and unlocking blind spots are paramount to continued success. Dr. Fouts uses assessment to bring more awareness.

In addition, to her successful career as a Psychotherapist and International Executive Business Coach, Dr. Fouts is a sought-after speaker whose keynote address to Women's Leadership Conferences is Channeling Feminine Power in the Face of Adversity. Her newly released book, Cognitive Enlightenment, is to be presented at the London Book Fair in April 2023.  Dr. Fouts is a Contributor and Member of the Forbes Coaches Council. 

Throughout her illustrious career, Dr. Fouts has received awards, accolades and has been recognized worldwide for her outstanding leadership and commitment to the profession. She graced the front cover of TIP (Top Industry Professionals) Magazine and was featured on the famous Reuters Times Square Billboard in NYC. She was recognized as the Top International Executive Coach of the Year for 2020. In 2021 she was awarded Empowered Woman of the Year. She received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in 2022. This year she will be considered for an exclusive interview on TIP radio by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP).  

Looking back, Dr. Fouts attributes her success to her perseverance, mentors she has had along the way, and staying passionate in all her business endeavors.

When not working, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. In the future, she will continue guiding her clientele to reach their untapped potential and help them achieve the results they seek for personal and organizational advancement. 

For more information on Dr. Fouts, please visitwww.successstartswithyou.net

To view her video biography please visit: https://youtu.be/SaMG2_3Nmb0

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