Doordeck, the World’s First SDK for Readerless Access Control Aggregation

Published March 28, 2023

Doordeck is the world’s first readerless access control aggregator designed by developers for developers. Unlike other cloud-based access control systems, Doordeck readerless mobile access prides itself on customers not needing to ‘rip and replace’ existing access control readers. By integrating with all major access control brands systems Doordeck is able to unify multiple disparate systems, to provide centralized building access management through a client’s building app. 

By taking an innovative spin on conventional mobile access, Doordeck utilizes the user’s phone as the reader and enables smartphone NFC technology by pairing the mobile with the Doordeck wireless door tile that contains an NFC chip. The tile integrates with Doordeck’s cloud infrastructure to provide frictionless and secure entry. After an authentication check, the door will unlock if the user has been granted access to it.

 Doordeck provides real-time door unlock data that can be integrated into identity or workplace management software platforms, showing how many people are in a building, room or space at any given time. Unlock times and volume help to understand building occupancy levels and identify trends. 

Organizations with many offices can manage multiple buildings in their portfolio just as easily as one. Onboarding and terminating users can be done via an app from anywhere 24/7. Smart visitor management is also provided through integration using Doordeck’s SDK and APIs. Their digital visitor management takes the pain out of the visitor registration and management process for both the guest and receptionist and hands the power back to the host. A hassle-free, paperless and frictionless check-in process is provided for visitors along with the ability for building managers to remotely and securely grant a digital time-limited visitor pass from anywhere, at any time. The added benefit for enterprises is that they now don’t have to invest in printing equipment, materials or allocate resources for the production and management of physical credentials. 

The inherent security features that come with a smartphone, such as biometric authentication helps to provide secure door unlocking, as the phone fails over into a secure state if it is lost or stolen which helps to enhance the level of building access security.

 Doordeck provides secure and remote data storage and data backup capability to maintain a record of historical access data. Their cloud-based access control solution is secured with enhanced military-grade encryption, multi-factor authentication and permission based hierarchical security. Data is encrypted at rest and is fully GDPR and PII compliant, providing confidence that all data is fully protected. Extra security levels like GPS Geofencing and IP restriction further enable tight privacy control.   

Top 5 reasons to integrate using Doordeck’s SDK: 

1. Increase app engagement from the beginning of the working day all the way through till the end. 

2. Improve sales conversion rate, attract new customers, boost revenue and profits. 

3. Re-engage with those lost leads and re-approach with value-added benefits. 

4. Upsell to your existing customers and increase your foothold in their building portfolio. 

5. We provide the ability to unlock a door through any method and technology that a developer wants to use. 


Doordeck's SDK and APIs provide added value for embedded technology companies to be able to integrate mobile door entry and smart visitor management functionality into their application. 

Increase your products’ ‘stickiness’ and create a smooth and straightforward synergy with Doordeck and your app for building access and experience. 

Find out more about Doordeck’s SDK by visiting or contact us at

About: Doordeck is a cloud-based access control software solution that integrates with legacy access control hardware to provide NFC mobile entry, smart visitor management and building unlock data. Doordeck's SDK and APIs provide embedded technology companies with the ability to push the boundaries of Proptech and provide that ‘stickiness’ they need. Unify disparate systems, centralize access control management, reduce cost and simplify with Doordeck’s Software Development Kit and your app.

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