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Published January 26, 2023

Erwin De Leon, the founder and CEO of Blue Copy, has been an influential figure in the office technology industry for more than two decades. The wealth of experience and knowledge gleaned from his time in the industry, has enabled him to become a trusted source for many who seek to acquire office or home office hardware, software, and other related technologies.

De Leon created Blue Copy with a vision of helping customers save hundreds - if not thousands - of dollars on their purchases or leases. Legal professionals are often unable to dedicate enough time into navigating the specifics and regulations surrounding such contracts, while vendors are not always open or forthcoming with all the details.

That's where Blue Copy comes in – as a cost-efficient consulting agency, offering advice and assistance on printers, copiers, scanners, software, hardware needs, cyber security, VoIP, and IT solutions.

Blue Copy works hard at giving customers access to the best options without having to sacrifice any user needs along the way. It's important that buyers understand all the terms of their agreement when it comes to investments such as this, and Blue Copy is dedicated towards making sure everyone gets what they deserve out of any type of contract they enter into.

From reduced costs associated with purchase or lease agreements, to having access to greater transparency from vendors; Erwin De Leon ensures that no customer ever gets left behind.

The goal of Blue Copy has always been centered around providing people with reliable guidance throughout their entire purchase process, so that they may remain confident about their decision-making abilities for future investments too.

With such a wide range of services available from their team of experienced professionals; customers can be rest assured knowing that their individual situations will be handled with utmost care and attention. That way, they can extract maximum value out of every transaction made through them.

Blue Copy is committed towards providing legal professionals with an easy and stress-free way around getting all types of office hardware – without having to break the bank!

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