Devan Leos gets named "Man of The Year" by US Features Magazine

Published March 7, 2023

Devan Leos is the 2022 "Man of the Year," according to US Features magazine. Through his nonprofit organization, CMNT Inc., Leos has received recognition for his motivational life story and charitable work. The people who win this prestigious award have done very well in their fields and made big changes in society.

Leos first came to prominence as a child star on the Disney program "Mighty Med," but he has since shifted his attention to philanthropy and business. In 2022, he started CMNT Inc., a nonprofit that uses security technology and open-source intelligence to make communities safer and more informed. In addition, Leos founded DDigital, a prestigious corporate communications business.

Leos has done a lot through CMNT Inc. to connect security and communities by helping people in need in different communities in California with open-source intelligence. His goal is to make communities that are smarter and safer, where everyone can thrive and find justice.

Leos expressed his modest gratitude for the honor of being named "Man of the Year" after winning the award. He thinks that everyone should be able to live in a safe neighborhood, and that by establishing such neighborhoods through CMNT Inc., he can contribute to making that dream a reality. As an example of the strength of tenacity and the value of giving back to society, Leos' story serves as an inspiration.

Overall, US Features believes Devan Leos deserves the "Man of the Year" award for all the good things he has done for charity and for society. To learn more about Devan Leos and his work with CMNT, Inc. visit his instagram @TheDevanLeos or

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