Dental Appointment Patient Lead Generation Software For Private Clinics Launched

Published April 5, 2023

Digital Leads LLC Launches Patient Influx 2.0 System to Help Dental Practices Grow and Scale Effortlessly.

Digital Leads LLC, a leading digital marketing agency, announces the launch of its new Patient Influx 2.0 System, designed to help dental practices build their brand presence, attract high-quality prospects, and convert them into paying patients.

With the Patient Influx 2.0 System, dentists can effortlessly gain as many as 20 plus new appointment-ready patients in 30 days.

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Digital Leads' new Patient Influx 2.0 System streamlines the lead generation and conversion process, allowing dental practitioners to increase lead close rates and patient retention. The tool utilises proven web visibility and patient acquisition techniques to connect practices with prospects who are more likely to show up for their appointment.

According to Digital Leads, the competition for quality patients is getting fiercer each day, and relying on traditional advertising methods may no longer yield the expected results. With the Patient Influx 2.0 System, the agency is positioned to help more clinics stand out from the competition, build credibility, and consistently attract more patients.

The Patient Influx 2.0 System uses tailored social media ad placements and a hyper-targeted search engine strategy to drive brand awareness. It also has features that allow dental practices to automatically start conversations with prospects once they are added to the CRM, including sending nurturing long-term emails, texts, and voicemail sequences.

Additionally, Digital Leads' Patient Influx 2.0 System allows for implementing a finely tuned prequalification pain assessment that the dental practice can customise to gain deeper insights about each lead. This feature is a fail-proof step built into the system to increase the likelihood of a patient booking an appointment and attending the practice.

With the Patient Influx 2.0 System, Digital Leads LLC restates its commitment to helping dental practices scale and grow effortlessly through an improved web presence and reliable lead generation processes. The agency only serves one practice per 20-mile radius to maintain the exclusivity of the leads generated for clients.

A spokesperson for the agency states: "We help dentists attract their ideal patients with high-quality appointment-based leads. Everything is month-to-month, so you don't have to worry about long-term contracts."

Interested parties can find more information about the Patient Influx 2.0 System at

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