Deal Sourcing For Independent Sponsors: Pipeline Management Platform Expanded

Published April 5, 2023

With this newly announced expansion, OutFlow helps optimize pipeline management for independent sponsors while reducing tedious research and qualifying activities. OutFlow pairs leading-edge technology and advanced algorithms with their team's financial expertise to generate a volume of opportunities that help private equity firms, independent sponsors, investment bankers, brokers and M&A advisors save time, increase efficiencies and, ultimately, close more deals.

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Independent sponsors have been a growing force in the M&A sector. As more independent sponsors enter the market, the competition for quality deal flow has intensified. With their newly expanded service, OutFlow gives ambitious independent sponsors a competitive edge by reaching and qualifying volumes of potential deal opportunities, and by connecting the individual or capital group with companies that fit their investment criteria.

"The more people you talk to, the more people you do business with," says a spokesperson for OutFlow. "We keep your calendar busy with prospects that fit your target criteria, who want to meet with you."

OutFlow's proprietary technologies assist their teams in giving independent sponsors access to exclusive, off-market companies that may not be available through traditional channels. They can identify a higher number of potential targets more quickly, helping the independent sponsor to maintain a robust pipeline and increase their deal flow.

The platform uses a four-step process that matches their clients' target criteria, which can include sector, market, geographic region, and/or company size to potential deal opportunities. The team then builds an exclusive database of ideal prospects, including up-to-date contact and job title information to facilitate professional and informed introductions.

Once target entities have been identified, OutFlow reaches out to decision makers on behalf of their clients to finalize the qualifying process and book a next steps meeting or conversation. The team confirms the time and date of the appointment, and then turns the process over to their clients to initiate further assessment and due diligence.

OutFlow optimizes deal flow efficiencies and significantly reduces time-consuming research and qualifying processes for independent sponsors by doing the heavy lifting on their behalf. This time savings can then be reinvested into other critical aspects of their business, ultimately leading to more deal signings and improved revenues.

A recent client says, "After partnering with OutFlow, we had a record year, closing the most transactions we've ever had. We will continue to work with OutFlow and are now focusing on larger transactions."

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