Customizable Smart LED Signs For Home Office, App Control & Scheduling Update

Published March 2, 2023

Designed to minimize interruptions and avoid disturbance while working at home, the BusyBox LED sign offers several styles and modes depending on the needs of the user. Users deploying a traffic light like system at home can demonstrate whether interruptions are welcome (green) or discouraged (red), custom words can be added, and some models offer memes for characterful communication.

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The new update aligns with the growing need for efficiency and speed of communication now that remote work has increased so dramatically. Following the pandemic, 48% of employees have continued to work from home, and the overall trend of working at least some of the workweek from home is growing.

For content creators, the BusyBox is a valuable solution that can help reduce interruptions and improve productivity, explains the team. Interruptions can be detrimental to their output, and communication with family members can be challenging depending on the project. The BusyBox's functionality addresses this, enabling professionals to remain focused and achieve more in less time. A win for employees and employers.

The BusyBox app, available for both iOS and Android, provides users with various color options, brightness adjustments, preset configurations, and multi-device grouping capabilities. This allows users to personalize their sign and optimize their usage.

The BusyBox also includes a scheduling feature that enables users to set specific times for the sign to turn on and off using their Google Calendar schedule. This is particularly beneficial for users with families who follow schedules and routines.

Several accessories are also available on the online store to complement the BusyBox. This includes the BusyBox Button, which enables users to control their sign without using their smartphone. A table stand and tripod are listed for those who do not want to attach the sign to their door, and a variety pack of messages can be purchased to add a personal touch to the sign.

A spokesperson states: "BusyBoxes are made with long-lasting rechargeable batteries so you can leave them up all day or all week on a single charge. The BusyBox S runs over 120 hours on a single charge charge! Get a BusyBox so you can get things done all week and recharge on the weekends."

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