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Published March 26, 2023 is pleased to announce that they have acquired and welcome their readers to the exclusive online wildlife community. is a charitable organization formed to bring awareness to the Michigan prohibition on trophy hunting of wolves. The site has garnered massive responses from all corners. This acquisition will enlighten animal lovers, enthusiasts, and activists worldwide. welcomes new readers with an exclusive post on why we should work to protect wolf populations.

Wolves have always been misunderstood as a dangerous pack of animals. Bedtime stories such as 3 Little Pigs or Red Riding Hood have always portrayed wolves as the bad guys and therefore children grow up thinking that wolves are not the safest animals to be around. This has to change and this misconception has to be eliminated. Numerous ongoing efforts and awareness campaigns have considerably impacted the wolf numbers. However, many people still need to understand a wolf or its pack's role in the ecosystem. This post sheds some light on this aspect and hopes it reaches a broader audience.

First things first, it is the humans that are making homes in the wild and taking away what belongs to the animals. And hence it is only practical that the wild animals come out looking for food in the wrong places. Instead of learning to co-exist, humans simply show off their stand in the ecosystem. As a result, many animals are dying and certain species are on the brink of getting endangered. And remember hunting and poaching. The ultimate truth is that the ecosystem needs wolves as much as other animals. It is all a part of the food chain.

Wolves are a part of the food chain. If they become endangered, the other species in the chain will be left with lesser food options. Animals such as these also help in population control. Humans are the only species where the population cannot be controlled, so Mother Earth is overburdened. The carcass left behind by the wolves acts as food for other scavengers and the remains provide loads of nitrogen and nutrients to the soil. The link below talks about why conserving and protecting these beautiful animals is important. provides some amazing articles on animal habitats, species, conservation, behavior, etc.

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Olivia Kepner, a zookeeper in San Diego, started Olivia’s fascination with animals started at a very young age. Her frequent visits to the zoo have brought her closer to the animals and the thought of adopting an animal. After several months of saving up for the cause, she adopted Toffee, a chimpanzee from the zoo. Olivia is currently doing what she is passionate about i.e. being surrounded by countless mammals, birds, reptiles, and every other species in the zoo.



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