Construction Lawyers Perth Opens New Office in East Perth, Providing Quality Legal Services to the Construction Industry

Published February 17, 2023

A Strategic Move to Enhance Legal Services for the Construction Industry in Western Australia

Construction Lawyers Perth is pleased to announce the opening of its new office in the heart of East Perth, Western Australia. This exciting new development marks a significant milestone in the firm's journey to provide quality legal services to clients in the Western Australia construction industry. The new office is located in a bustling commercial district known for its modern skyscrapers, diverse cultural scene, and vibrant nightlife. This central location is convenient for clients and makes it easy for them to access the firm's expert legal services.

Construction Lawyers Perth

Construction Lawyers Perth has built a reputation for providing quality legal services to clients in the construction industry. The firm's experienced lawyers have a deep understanding of construction law and a proven track record of delivering successful client outcomes. With the opening of the new office in East Perth, the firm will be better equipped to serve clients in the Western Australia construction industry, helping them navigate the complex legal landscape and achieve their goals.

The new office has been designed with clients in mind, featuring spacious, light-filled rooms, modern technology, and comfortable seating. The welcoming and professional atmosphere is perfect for clients to discuss their legal needs with the firm's lawyers. The office also boasts state-of-the-art technology, including video conferencing and digital case management systems, allowing the firm to provide clients with quick and efficient services, regardless of location.

Construction Lawyers Perth is proud to have a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable lawyers who are dedicated to providing clients with the best possible legal services. The team comprises experts in construction law, contracts, dispute resolution and renewable energy law, and security of payments, with a commitment to delivering results for their clients. With the opening of the new office in East Perth, the firm will be able to expand its services and offer even more support to clients in the Western Australia construction industry.

With its central location, modern facilities, and experienced team, the firm is well-equipped to help clients in the Western Australia construction industry achieve their goals and overcome any legal challenges they may face.

"We’ve come so far from when we started years ago. Being able to open a new office in East Perth is more than just a strategic expansion for us. It's our way of ensuring we’re reachable to even more people with issues that only those with a background of engineering and law can solve, i.e., our team," said Team CLP

Construction Lawyers Perth is committed to providing its clients with the highest standard of legal services. The new office in East Perth represents a significant step forward in the firm's journey, and the team is eager to continue helping clients achieve their goals and succeed in the Western Australia construction industry.

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About Construction Lawyers Perth:

CLP is the Perth branch of Baker Merz Construction Lawyers, a specialist Legal, Engineering, Project Management and Construction Claims firm that provides commercial management support to clients engaged in projects across the Infrastructure, Building, Rail and Bus transportation, Telecommunications, Renewable Energy, Mining and Oil and Gas industries.


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Construction Lawyers Perth
Albert Merolla
(08) 6245 9888
Construction Lawyers Darwin
Level 1/11 E Parade,
East Perth WA 6004

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