Conspire Commerce: The Next-Generation Social Shopping Platform, Revolutionizing the Online Shopping Experience

Published March 10, 2023

Conspire, a new social shopping platform, is changing the way we shop online. Founded by two former Salesforce employees and juniors at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Richard Tanaka and Anisha Raju, Conspire aims to bring the social aspect back to online shopping.

The idea behind Conspire came from Richard and Anisha’s personal experiences with online shopping. They found that shopping alone online can be isolating and lacks the social aspect of shopping in a physical store. They wanted to create a platform that would allow users to shop together with their friends and family, making online shopping a more enjoyable and social experience.

Conspire allows users to create shopping groups with their friends and family. Group members can browse and shop together in real-time, share links to products they're interested in, and vote on whether they like the product or not. The platform also has a chat feature, which allows group members to communicate with each other and discuss potential purchases.

Richard and Anisha are confident that Conspire fills a gap in the market and provides a unique solution to the social isolation of online shopping. They were especially inspired by the creative ways connectivity arose during the COVID-19 pandemic. "We want to make shopping more fun and social," says Richard. "We believe that Conspire can provide a unique experience that's missing from the online shopping market."

The two co-founders are currently working on developing the platform and plan to launch it in the near future. They have received positive feedback from their peers at Cal Poly and are looking forward to expanding their user base once the platform is launched.

Conspire has already generated buzz in the tech industry, with many experts predicting that it could be the next big thing in social e-commerce. With its innovative approach to online shopping, Conspire has the potential to revolutionize the way we shop online and bring community to commerce

Conspire is an exciting new social shopping platform that's set to change the way we shop online. Founded by two talented and innovative co-founders, Anisha Raju and Richard Tanaka, Conspire is poised to take the e-commerce world by storm. Stay tuned for its official launch and join the social shopping revolution!

(Author: Sarina Vachhani.)

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