Clogged Dryer Vents Are A Fire Hazard, Warns Norcal Air Duct Cleaning

Published February 20, 2023

Dryer vents can be a major safety and fire hazard to property owners in Walnut Creek, CA. Without proper vent cleaning, a build-up of lint and debris over time, can lead to a clogged dryer vent and potential house fire.

The National Fire Protection Agency reports that dryers and washing machines cause nearly 16,000 fires each year, 92% of which are caused by clogged dryer vents. The unfortunate result is hundreds of injuries and $238 million in property damages.

Norcal Air Duct Cleaning is dedicated to helping property owners keep their homes and businesses safe by providing vent cleaning services to ensure air quality and reduce the risk of house fires caused by clogged dryer vents. The owner, Dan Ghilarducci, says, "We have the right tools and expertise to keep dryer vents clean and free of debris. We take pride in helping property owners avoid costly fire damage repairs due to clogged vents."

Some of the businesses Norcal Air Duct Cleaning helped with dryer vent cleaning in 2022 were The Bridge and The Reserve in Walnut Creek, Crunch Gyms in Northern California and Soma Apartments in San Francisco. Ghilarducci says, "We are very proud to be of service in the local community and helping property owners keep their homes safe."

Dryer vent cleaning is among the most often overlooked maintenance items by homeowners and property managers. That is why Norcal Air Duct Cleaning recommends dryer vent cleaning at least once a year, or as needed in order to prevent dryer fires and ensure air quality and safety in Walnut Creek homes.

Norcal Air Duct Cleaning offers air duct cleaning services, dryer vent cleanings, ductwork repair, as well in-duct air purification systems. They are committed to providing the highest standard of air quality services.

Property owners can trust Norcal Air Duct Cleaning for the best air duct cleaning service available. With the safety of their homes and families top of mind, they are sure to be satisfied with Norcal's air duct cleaning services that remove lint accumulation and other air pollutants from air ducts and dryer vents.

Norcal Air Duct Cleaning has been providing dryer vent and air duct cleaning services throughout Northern California for more than 40 years. For more information on potential fire hazards from blocked dryer vents or details regarding dryer vent cleaning services in Walnut Creek and Northern California, contact Dan Ghilarducci at

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