Chris and Michelle Thompson of Team Thompson, Interviewed by Host Angelo Cruz on the CyberCEO Podcast

Published March 14, 2023

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Chris Thompson, Realtor and owner of Team Thompson and Michelle Thompson, Director of Operations at Team Thompson, have grown their real estate business with a virtual team provided by Cyberbacker. Chris handles the sales primarily and has been a realtor for 24 years. Michelle knew real estate inside and out before getting her license one year ago. She currently handles the client-facing tasks of the operations. Working with someone virtually, Chris describes the experience as “It’s transformed our lives! I had cynicism and doubts. My fear was that if someone sitting next to me in an office let me down, how in the world is someone virtually going to do their job every day?” Cyberbacker has calmed the fears that Thompson had and has allowed for increased opportunities.

When reflecting on the hiring process, Chris recounted challenging experiences. “I have built a team or two. I have tried twice and failed both times. Hiring the first assistant was very challenging for me. You think you hired the right person, and it just didn’t work out. It cost a lot of time, money, and effort,” said Chris. Once a person is hired, Chris confirms that the work is not over. “The biggest part for me is after I hire someone, I have to sit side by side to train that person for a week or two. It takes me out of the business, and I can’t do what I need to do,” confirms Chris.

After participating in a networking and industry event, the Thompsons heard from a successful real estate professional discuss the benefit of utilizing virtual services to increase lead generation. He told the Thompsons how this could increase efficiency. Chris recalled him saying, “Hire a cyberbacker. I would have them make calls all day long. It’s almost impossible to fail. It is so worth it money-wise to do that.” Chris said to himself, “Why wouldn’t I?” The Thompsons' real estate coach, unbeknownst to him, mentioned the same concept within the same week. Chris remembered his mentor suggesting, “‘You need to hire an admin. You need to try Cyberbacker.’ I needed to leverage the things that are not my 20 percent and the areas that were holding me back from doubling my income,” Chris said confidently. This helped solidify a strategy that the Thompsons decided to implement.

The Thompsons' business expanded after working with a virtual team for several years. With a cyberbacker taking care of work within the 80 percent of his business, the Thompsons can now focus on the 20 percent to increase productivity to 100 percent. Their partnership has been so successful that “We have hired another cyberbacker,” Chris stated. The services and support of Cyberbacker have contributed to the overall growth of the Thompsons’ real estate business.

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In this podcast, the host covers the following:

· Chris and Michelle, tell us about your role in the business.

· How long have you been with cyberbackers?

· Did you have any prior experience working with virtual team members?

· It takes a lot of time to go through interviews and review resumes, correct?

· The training process is a full-time job in itself, isn’t it?

· What was the first thought that came to mind when you first heard the word cyberbacker?

· How was the transition from doing everything on your own to working with a team through cyberbackers?

· Michelle, was this your first time working with someone virtual?

· Michelle, did you have specific expectations before getting into a partnership like this?

· What were the tasks that you were going to be leveraging to your cyberBacker?

· Given the amount of time we have in a day, as your cyberbacker helps with the 80%, can you now focus on the 20%?

· How did you know that your cyberbacker was the perfect fit?

· What are your tips for having a successful partnership with a cyberbacker?

· What is the best part about each of your cyberbackers?

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