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Published March 9, 2023

The Dentist 101 team has announced the service update in response to research from the Journal of the American Dental Association indicating that over 12% of people experience tooth sensitivity. In light of this data, the Houston dental care practice will be educating its patients on the causes of dental sensitivity, as well as any factors that aggravate symptoms such as certain foods and drinks.

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Dentist 101's updated services include the assessment of the patient's symptoms, after which a course of action is proposed, such as recommending desensitizing toothpaste and prescribing fluoride for use at home, or suggesting more intensive treatment methods such as root canals or resin applications.

The dental practice explains that sufferers are most likely to experience tooth sensitivity when consuming hot or cold food and drink, or when biting down on something hard. Disproportionately affecting people who use at-home teeth whitening treatments, it occurs when the protective enamel on the surface of a tooth gets damaged, and the dentine, nerves, and root within it become exposed.

As well as damage that naturally occurs over time, symptoms of sensitivity can also be caused by a chipped tooth or by gum disease. Dentist 101's team has expertise in advanced dentistry techniques for treating and preventing common problems, as well as tooth extraction, dental restoration, fillings, and routine cleanings.

About Dentist 101 of Houston

Dentist 101 is led by Temple University School of Dentistry graduate Dr. Jessica Su, who provides services in English, Chinese, and Spanish. In addition to patients in Chinatown, the team is prepared to treat those living in Westchase, Briar Forest, Bellaire, Alief, Mid-West, Braeburn, and Memorial.

A spokesperson for the practice said, "Our team will make sure to provide patients with pleasant and comfortable appointments. We will find out exactly what your oral healthcare needs and only move forward with what you are most comfortable with."

More information can be found by visiting or by calling 713-773-1300.

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